Digital Slide Shows in the Wrong Hands…

… are still slide shows.

I was treated to a digital slideshow from my sister-in-law’s husband on their recent Caribbean Cruise. It started at the local airport, showing a dozen photos of that familiar locale and then a dozen more of the plane. Then followed up by a score of photos of the wing, turbines and about ten more photos of the screen in the chair in front of them which was displaying the plane’s progress towards the destination and altitude. Oh, and another dozen (or more photos) of the clouds and land below.


Then some of the airport they landed in, the airport hotel – which was rather nice – and about ten pictures of the view out the window from the airport hotel – which really wasn’t nice at all; it consisted of a lot of rooftop space and vents. Yay.

Then pictures of the shuttle to the cruise, the cruise ship from the outside, the docks, their room in the ship (quite sizable), the towel animals the cruise ship staff put on their bed in the shapes of animals, them holding a tropical beverage, them eating breakfast, lunch and supper for a week.

They had very few pictures of the cruise ship itself (TheWife commented on this, “Where are the pictures of the rest of the ship? All we’re seeing is your room, the dining hall and your food?”) and very few photos of the locations they visited – the ones they did have were from a tour bus and often had someone’s head in the way.

So yeah. Digital technology is great and wonderful until you put it in the hands of someone that is going to make use of that 10gb photo card by filling it with pictures of food, familiar locations and the backs of other tourists’ heads.



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