Dead Tired, But Good Times

I squeaked into the raid yesterday as my Hunter, rocking the iLevel of 347 and had a blast.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I had so much fun playing a character. Traps, concussive shots, silencing shots, popping cooldowns, disengaging around the room, FDing to dump agro (or survive) and topping the DPS charts – I was second for damage done over the entire night.

I admit, I was a little nervous since it has been awhile since I raided as a Hunter and my focus in previous raids was staring at the boss’ crotch (tanking). It felt good to have more stuff to do and damn do I ever love Fox for parts of the fight where you have to move.. and Disengage. Oh how I missed you.

Oh, I should note what we did: Magmaw (5th), Omnitron (4th), Maloriak (3rd), Atramedes (2nd) and Chimaeron (1st) in BWD. Did you notice a pattern there? I like big butts… err… numbers.

We still had about one hour left (it took us about 1.5 hours for those bosses) so we popped over to Council in BoT which we downed, but our logger’s log wasn’t logging.

One thing I recognize is that I definitely lose some DPS when having to AOE things, despite the 250% damage increase they put on Multi-shot. And yes, I was also trying to get my explosive and snake traps out for the parasites. Targeting also seemed to hurt a bit, but I’m going to adjust my Mark/Pet Attack/Flip Cower/Growl macro to include assisting my focus target. That should help.

I walked out of there with one epic upgrade, which was pretty cool (a ring).

We hit up BH after with a portion of the raid group and clobbered it. I scored some PVP gloves. I’ll get to PVPing eventually. I realized I was two TB tokens from being able to pick up the epic trinket there but didn’t have time to crank them out. I got suckered into a Zul’Aman run with guildies. I almost didn’t going, knowing I’d end up being awake until about 2am, but I caved and went. Good thing I did, there were three Hunter drops. Bracer (upgrade over my blue stuff), Shoulders (upgrade over my blue stuff) and a chest slot (which wasn’t an upgrade over my crafted chest armor – thanks again John!).

So I’m dead tired, but content. Good raid night, some advancement on my character and progression for the guild – Council kill was a first for us. We’re now down to the three bosses; Nefarion, Cho’gall and the Al’kabir dude.



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