Dead Da Dead Dead DEAAAAD!

Killed Cho’Gall last night with our 10 man raid group. It took us the whole 2.5 hours we spend on raiding to get it done, which included clearing the trash twice.

We were consistently getting the boss to phase two (except twice), but folks appeared to have too much Corruption which meant they started taking lots of damage. Also the eye-stalks were really hurting our DPS and we weren’t really handling them correctly. We had two people assigned to killing them which was a problem if they eye-beamed those two people (it drops the damage done by 75%) which means they weren’t able to down the stalks which reduced raid damage as well.

We switched to having everyone clobber the eye-stalks in a given direction (we need to tidy that up) and then back to Cho’Gall.

Being the dirty Hunter that I am, I was slipping in two Kill Shots between killing the eye-stalks and once those were down I was able to leverage my Marksman spec cooldowns to really lay into Cho’Gall. Kill Shot*2, Chimera Shot, burn CDs (Rapid Fire), near instant cast Steady Shots and haste affected focus regen to the point where I was able to nearly spam Arcane Shot without worry, also proc’ed my instant cast Aimed Shot a couple of times. I finished off with Kill Shot*2 then popped Readiness which reset all my Hunter abilities so Kill Shot*2 and burned CDs again for a glorious spamming of Steady/Arcane Shots. By the end of the fight my hand (and fingers) were cramped over those two buttons.

Definitely good.

And no, I wasn’t the reason we beat it, it was a good job of the raid team avoiding Corruption effects for as long as they could and good job of the healers keeping people up to dish out the damage.

For some reason the logger put me under our Warlock in terms of Damage Done, but my Recount put me higher? I’ll go with my Recount because it looks better for me. Truth be told, the logs show I had a big burst at the end of the fight: LINKY. See the way I spike up while others drop down? There was one person that actually popped up over my spike which you can see if you check the boxes next to the other DPS folks (who are Carleys and Firespire) – Firespire did something special because she had a big burst of Gnome Mage goodness at the end.

Oh… I won the shoulder drop. The only other person ahead of me for loot rewards was Carleys (Shaman) who passed on the item because he would rather get the helm where as I don’t really want the helm but could really have used the shoulders.

Gotta love raiding with a small, close-knit group. I’m really hoping the other folks we’ve recently picked up stick around and stay involved. Good things will happen!


2 thoughts on “Dead Da Dead Dead DEAAAAD!

  1. If you look at the actual DPS (and not just damage done) you’ll see I was tops which is likely what I was looking at on my Recount.

    You’re still fourth place – *neener neener*


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