ZOMG TV This Week!

We have some exciting TV this week – tonight at that!

Castle season finale is tonight and deals with more of Beckett’s mom’s murder. Apparently some tie in with Castle himself – hinting at betrayal, could be they want to drive a wedge between Castle and Beckett who are getting pretty close.

Someone will die and it’s someone who has been on the show since the beginning. It obviously can’t be Castle or Beckett. I doubt they’d kill off Castle’s daughter (would they?). A lot of people are guessing it’s going to be the Captain (especially given that the Captain mentions retiring in the last show) or Castle’s mom. They couldn’t possibly kill off Ryan or Esposito… that’d hurt because they’re a good source of comic relief and letting the investigations leap forward. Considering some of the other cast members, it could be Lanie. That’d really surprise people.

Wonder who it will be?

Hawaii 5-0 will have it’s season finale tonight. They have a long standing investigation into McGarrett’s mother’s case (what his dad was following up on). I’ll be honest, I like this show but it hasn’t really drawn me in like some of the others have (i.e. Castle and The Mentalist). For some reason I just don’t associate well to any of the characters. They seem too perfect or pretty – if that makes sense. I think the closest person that has any semblance to being a real person is Danno.

Still, it will be a good action-packed show.

Chuck doesn’t seem to have ‘season finale’ written all over it, unless that was last week? I could see the end of the last episode being a season finale. Chuck and Sarah get married, Sarah gets head exploded (not exactly) by Volkov’s daughter at the end. SPOILER WARNING… back before this warning. What? Since when was I ever any good about not spoiling stuff?

The Mentalist, despite me mentioning it last, is one I’m really looking forward to. I found they sort of stepped away from Red John for a bit, only hinting and bits and pieces here and there. I did note the big cheese of the CBI (above the immediate boss of Jane/Lisban) quoted from the same bit of poetry Red John did. Could be something goes on with him. The commercials are implying we’ll finally get to see who Red John is which could be exciting or lead to the end of the show almost entirely.

We’ll see!

So exciting!

(All the caffeine in me probably helps too!)


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