2011 TV Finales – Castle, Chuck

SPOILERS ahead. You were warned.


Nice. I ended up calling that the Captain would die and figured out he was the third cop, the one that was being covered up. The big clue? How much he wanted Beckett to back off. Her job is dangerous by simply the fact that she deals with catching killers, so why would this be any different?

She was getting close.

And when she wanted Castle out of the way and he so readily agreed after trying to get Castle to convince Kate to back off? Yeah, that sort of sold it. Castle was a big part in figuring out that the documents were tampered with.

I liked Esposito and Ryan’s reactions to learning it.

I figured someone would take a shot at Beckett at the funeral, confirmed when Castle noticed the light reflecting but I suspected HE would get shot trying to save her. Still, interesting ending. Castle professes his love while Kate’s life sputters out. So it seems.

Anyone want to bet she ends up with amnesia or something? Clearly not dead. That’d kill the show.

Very awesome that it’s confirmed that ABC will be putting out another season in the fall. Exciting!


Interesting ending. I actually thought last week’s was going to be the ending but I was wrong.

Sarah saved, Chuck’s intersect supressed, Volkovs sorted out, Buy More (and the Volkov assets) in possession of Chuck and Sarah, they’re married and finishing off with Morgan getting the intersect dumped into his head. Next up, they’re going independent.


I think it’s a brilliant move. Not only will it bring Morgan further into the plot, but it’ll allow for some rehashing of older material in a charming sort of way. Chuck gets to take on more of a patron-type role. Also by being independent it opens up all sorts of possible stories; they go against the CIA, they get tricked into doing something they shouldn’t, they end up working for the wrong side, corporate espionage even, etc. Maybe the General throws them the odd job. Who knows, lots of options.

Love Morgan. Great character. Sort of a modern day Samwise Gamgee.


I’m not sure if House was a season finale or not, but holy shit! Seems like everyone was falling apart around House and unable to help him out. I was a little surprised he skipped over Foreman and Chase (he did skip Chase right?) by only calling 13, his bud (brain not working, can’t remember his name), the nose and Cutty.

I was almost expecting to see an accident where Chase, rushing to the hospital, crashes into Cutty.

The scene where House cuts out the tumor… jeez. What an epic scene. I mean it. One of the most engaging or mind blowing scenes I’ve seen on TV in a long time.

Great TV!


2 thoughts on “2011 TV Finales – Castle, Chuck

  1. House – not the season finale, that’s coming. But it was pure nasty, that whole bathtub scene. I’ve got a strong tolerance for that kind of stuff, but even I was saying “Holy crap, man” at a few points.

    Castle – my prediction: Beckett knew she was going to get shot at, and is wearing a bullet-proof vest. They’ll fake her injury, and draw the killer in to finish the job. But only a few people know – one of them not being Castle (his reactions have to be genuine to pull this off).

    Chuck – the only bits of that show I’ve ever watched are in the commercials 😉

  2. House – exactly. I was floored at that scene.

    Castle – Yeah, I was thinking that too, but Castle did have blood on his hands. Maybe it was a vest with a blood pack or something? Still, very happy to see it’s getting another season.

    Chuck – it’s a fun, not too serious show. I’d say it’s lighter than Stargate for sure.

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