Cho’gall Dead Again.

I mentioned in a previous post (I’m too tired to dig up a link, it’s like a couple of posts down) that we downed Cho’gall on Sunday and on Tuesday we decided to let everything reset and just clear everything. So we did.

Tuesday we clobbered all the way through to Nef, then Halfus but had to stop there. That meant on Sunday we’d abandon the Valiona, Ascendant Council and Cho’gall kill in favor of just working on Nef.

That didn’t sit too well with me.

So the troops rallied and we went at it. Raid formed up with eight people, we knew we were going to have another one coming later and another was iffy so we bought time killing trash. It went quickly and we stood there looking at Valiona with our eight person raid.

We attacked. We wiped. We attacked again. We won.

I won’t lie, there was a mishap early into the fight where I had to hug someone to split meteor damage. I picked UFTimmy because he was close (and cuddly). Unfortunately, Theralon also picked him for that nasty PBAE debuff so I had to run away from him right after giving him some damage. I was then targeted with a meteor again – splat.

So the raid continued on and won… despite only having seven people for most of the fight. I think UFTimmy died too, but they battle rezzed him (makes sense).

We PUGed a spot for Council and brought in our raid leader who was just getting in from work. Raid leader says in Office Chat that he bets this guy will bail on the first wipe. To the PUGs credit, he bailed on the first actual attempt which was the third wipe (we had a mishap with the trash pull). He blamed our healers after he left (apparently telling our raid leader that). To be fair, he had a failbot addon that was calling out people who failed. He was on the top of the charts for that – is that irony?

We pulled in one of the guys we were waiting on and downed it on the third or fourth attempt.

On to Cho’gall. Took us a few attempts but we got it. I think it was three or four – good times.

Feeling about as useful as spoon to cut wood, I switched to SV spec for the last two attempts on this fight. My DPS went down a bit on the single target and it seemed like my focus was eaten up much faster, but I was doing a lot more damage on the slime adds, which was important.

So.. dead Cho’gall. Our raid leader won the shoulders. Rawr!

(Also UFTimmy won the cloak he needed from Valiona so he’s going to quit within a month, imo… to me.. I reckon.)


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