See You Sunday.

I have a sinking suspicion that if all things go as predicted tomorrow (admittedly, predicted by someone who predicted it before and was wrong), I’ll see you Sunday.

I don’t like talking about religion much, for a number of reasons. One being that I don’t like stepping on people’s beliefs – I’m too respectful for something as serious as that. It’s also one of those things that has done a good job on ensuring you’re nearly terrified not to believe but if you really think about it, you’ve got to wonder why?

Why would some all powerful being create a planet with all sorts of life on there and then do all the things that were supposed to have been done? Reality TV at its finest?

Maybe someone who has had an ant farm in the past can tell me what it’s like to have one, and maybe that’s the reason?

But it just seems so…trivial a matter if there really is such an all powerful being. Take that ant farm and multiply it by millions… gets hard to keep track of. I know, all powerful being, he can handle it.

Again, if this being is so powerful and all knowing, he’d know exactly how everything would turn out – right?

So why?

Other theories suggest aliens seeded the earth with humanity to use them for slaves then packed up and left us to do our own thing because they no longer had any use for us.

Then there is the whole, it is what it is theory of stuff just happening in such a way that we exist. There is reason/science behind everything, we mostly just haven’t figured it out. This suggests the chances of the right stuff happening are pretty slim but given the (apparent) infinite nature of space, if you had an infinite number of chances of getting something just right, it’d happen eventually.

So yeah. I don’t know where I fit or what to think, but I am thinking.


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