The Mentalist Season Finale

Well, the folks at CBI got Red John. That has been a long running point to the show. The reason for Patrick  Jane to actually work with the CBI. So what’s going to happen next season?

I didn’t call O’loughlin, but I did start to doubt my pick of the big cheese being the leak. The hint was Cho reciting William Blake’s poem. It’s clear it couldn’t have been Cho so that seemed like a hint that a number of people knew that poem without emphasis on  it just being a Red John thing. Likely a bit of misdirection.

I completely missed the rope. Why would you need rope to restrain someone when the hand cuffs were right next to it?

Well done.

The killing of Red John was a mixture of feelings leaving me sort of unsatisfied. He didn’t seem all that brilliant. He didn’t seem like the type that had money and powerful allies. He didn’t seem like the kind of guy that could totally ruin or mind wipe on Jane’s girlfriend/psychic let alone kidnap her right out from under the CBI/Police that were guarding her in her house. No, he seemed like just a guy that was lesser. And maybe that’s the angle they’re going to take.

It seems more like he was just a tool, a weapon, being swung and then cleaned off by someone else. Perhaps it is Bret Stiles (played by Malcolm Mcdowell), he clearly seems to  have the funding, manipulative genius and charisma to own all these folks. Also remember that O’Loughlin made a first appearance during that episode where the CBI was investigating Stiles’ organization and Stiles’ knew they were there. Stiles also revealed where Jane could find Kristina Frye.

There definitely has to be more…

3 thoughts on “The Mentalist Season Finale

  1. I jump on the Mentalist bandwagon pretty late, about half way through this season. Needless to say I am hooked now.

  2. I found the earlier ones to be more clever but they were getting back to where they were previously, with Jane being clever and witty rather than brooding over various things.

    It’ll be an interesting next season. Jane has already proven he can mastermind his way out of jail. I believe in one episode he engineered something that allowed him to walk right out. Granted, it looked like minimum security prison, but still.

    Imagine Jane put on trial with how he can influence a crowd or the jury? It could be really fun 🙂

  3. I think you’re right, that it wasn’t Red John. Seemed too easy. Jane will have his time in court and in jail, something will come up that will get him out, and the hunt will begin again.

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