Resistant to Change

You can tell someone is resistant to change when they get an opportunity to do something entirely new, but make it function in the same way previous, older incarnations did.


One of the guys in my D&D/Pathfinder group bought a Windows Tablet. Cool right? Lets see what Microsoft did with their tablet – could be cool!


First thing I noticed?

It was Windows 7.

No really, it was Windows 7.

Same look, feel with menus and all… only they were mostly itty bitty little menus because of the screen real estate.


Opportunity totally missed there Microsoft.

Yes, you could poke the screen, pinch, stretch, drag, etc. but it was otherwise the same visual experience as having Windows 7.

I’m only moderately poking fun at Scott for this because I can’t blame the guy for his purchase because he identified a need he wanted to fill which was a really portable device which he could run Excel on because that’s where his character sheet lives – Excel. For that need, it was a perfect fit and more practical solution than some of our other members who bring massive laptops in.

I’m mainly poking fun at Microsoft for not modifying the immediate tablet experience any more than just adding the common gestures.

Let’s take what we have on touchscreen desktops, shrink it down and plop it on a tablet! Great idea!

Very sad.

I’m still without a tablet and juggled the idea of getting one but never really did. I still use pencil, paper and hardcover books.

Maybe I’m the one resistant to change or maybe I’m just waiting for a solution that suits me best…

4 thoughts on “Resistant to Change

  1. I would get a tablet right away if there were applications available for dynamic character sheets, tailored specifically for the game, not just spreadsheets or PDFs. Having an electronic, custom character sheet, with all the rule books loaded alongside it, would be perfect for RPG nights.

  2. That was the intent of the whole D&D Insider thing, but it never really panned out short of being a really good 4e Character Gen tool (including manual content built in). Main problem being, it’s 4e and I’m not playing that. 😦 But it was a really decent app when I looked at it. Easy to use, auto-updates, gets new content from main sources and some others like Dragon mag – and you could filter out which sources were not allowed too (very nice to have).

    Most of the guys really like TheOnlySheet but meh… I want something a little less work-like. 🙂 I’d definitely buy into an app that actually did it in a more appealing manner and which was implemented by a company that I knew would be sticking around/had direct access to content.

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