Sofa King Close

Had Nefarion down to 40k health and I was the last man standing. 40k is about as much I do with a nice crit Chimera Shot, Kill Shot or Aimed Shot. It’s about 3-6 normal or Arcane Shots. It’s probably a few more ticks from the massive number of damage over time spells on him.


… everything was on cooldown. Chimera Shot, Kill Shot, Aimed Shot (really need the instant cast proc), Disengage, Misdirection (to pet, who was dead – nice little speed bump there) and even Readiness (which resets cooldowns) was out.

So sad.

Mike yelled to fire Deterrence, but it was too late. Only other thing that might have bought me time was trying to pop up another pet (if I could – I’ve never really tried).

I’ve so short on hotbar space and key combos it’s ridiculous.

Control+MouseButton5 – maybe that would have done it.

The epic sadness cannot be described in words. The fight was almost lost earlier as our trash/kite tank (Mike) had DCed and our All Star Deathknight Bitterbrew lept in, nabbed the adds and started kiting them around which bought us time. Mike reconnect and Bitterbrew popped a DK Rez on him.

How fucking pro is that? The awesomeness of his performance is diminished by the word, “pro.”

Next time, Nefarion… next time!


5 thoughts on “Sofa King Close

  1. It’s not as pro as you make it. Mike didn’t die. There was no battle rez. Minus points for lack of attention to details. Other than that, great post 🙂

  2. ya I have beat myself up today knowing I was like 2nd or 3rd to last to die and I could have rezzed myself. But in the quick moment I was like I would have hardly no mana, no health and the time it would take to cast a few heals on me everyone would have died. But yet I still wonder if I could have pulled it off. We will never know…..

  3. I think a lot of people are doing the ‘what if I just…’ which is good. People are thinking. Tim blamed himself for bubble taunting insfead of healing but for all we know that bought us more time than healing would have.

    We’re wickedly close.

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