Bite Me… Err.. Him

Burrows bit Bergeron. Why? Because Bergeron was shoving his hand in Burrows’ face and his finger went in his mouth.

What was he supposed to do? Deep throat Bergeron’s finger that was padded by the glove? It’s not like he pounced on the guy and bit him.

I’ve had kids or animals bite my fingers or even a car trunk closed on them. Stop being a pussy Bergeron.

It’s a defensive reaction to someone else trying to shove something in your mouth. It does not deserve a suspension in the playoffs.




3 thoughts on “Bite Me… Err.. Him

  1. Ha, I firmly believe Burrows should have been suspended. You know what the playoffs need? More fights. Chara needs to piledrive someone into the ice. As awesome as Kesler is, he would be my first choice to suffer from Chara’s fists ‘o doom!

  2. It’s hard to suspend someone in the playoffs, let alone final round, when there was really minimal damage done. Chara took more of a beating with the high sticks than Bergeron did.

    Especially given that there was no reason for Bergeron to have his finger in the other guy’s mouth.

    I’d fine them both and leave it at that. Bergeron for being a baby and Burrows for actually biting down harder than he needed to.

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