Gut Check Time

Vancouver Canucks – it’s gut check time and while you’re checking you guts, look for your balls because you’ve lost those apparently. Sedin standing there taking it while Marchand punches him in the head not once, not twice but three four times?


Stand up for yourselves! It’s embarrassing.

Boston has been totally dominating the Canucks in Boston. Last change really helps them stiffle the Swedish twins, but better players can and do overcome this advantage.

I’m pretty sure Boston will take this one even though they haven’t beat Vancouver at home; all of those games were really close, unlike Vancouver in Boston.

So sad.

By the way, can someone ask players something other than, “How do you [get back into/stay ahead in] the game?” We don’t really need to hear the typical spiel. Honestly, the answers are the same for either one, “Get pucks deep, keep our feet moving, get some shots on net…”


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