I Win!

Last night we downed the final raid boss for Cataclysm… at least until the new raid content next week. We knuckled down and took our first run at Al’Akir on Sunday then went back for more last night. It took us 6 attempts last night, but we got him done with some strategy adjustments.

This means Defender of a Shattered World titles all around and access to that flying phoenix mount… if you’re revered exalted with the guild. Which I’m not. Go figure. Fortunately I’m pretty damn close, only 2k rep away.

I have to admit I’m amazed and pleased that we got this guy down before any of the big changes come with 4.2 which should make the older raid content easier.

I’m impressed with the people sticking around who did stick around. It wasn’t an easy route, especially not for the people that were here from the beginning and faced all the set backs. People leaving because the guild raid times didn’t suit them, we weren’t hardcore enough, WoW wasn’t our second life so there wasn’t always tons of people on at all times, people not wanting to sit out, or other personal issues that struck at bad times.Also with some of the Officers dropping rank due to various reasons.

I admit, I was near wits end with it all. It’s hard seeing people you like leave because the guild doesn’t suit them for what ever reason. I think if I didn’t switch from my DK tank back to my Hunter I’d likely have burned out.

Thanks goes out to the remaining guild members were patient with my role switch, the people that stuck around through it all (Carleys, Delnor/Toknish, Divinity, Huntingwolf, and Timbits) and to the newer folks (Alurena, Bitterbrew, Dammascus, Firespire, Prophaetic, and Rustiqumblea) that simply rock and showed patience for learning the content as we progressed.

Extra thanks to:

  • Huntingwolf for his wise/old/soothing/gentle/tender presence in the Officer Forums and the help for getting people together and yanking them over to this server.
  • Timbits for his analysis and research on the bosses; mom jokes and super awesome healing too (he made me say that). Also for morale support and also assisting/leading raids.
  • Delnor/Toknish for being our Raid Leader and repeating himself over and over as we brought in new players or PUGs for raids.
  • Carleys for his recruiting drive which brought in some good folks, picking up PUGs when needed (he’s good at picking up) and running or assisting with raids.

It was an awesome team effort and the fun times outweighed the bad.

On to Firelands and some hard modes!


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