Young vs. Old?

Naw, it’s a matter of having nothing to lose vs. having something to lose. I can remember when I was kid (WAAAAAY back when) and crazy stuff like seeing Police cars flipped or set on fire might have stirred something negative in me.

But that was the ignorance of youth. The lack of understanding what it is the Police (and other authorities) do for you because it’s not readily apparent to kids, buried in debt, struggling to find a job or who really have yet to be on the other end of something stupid like what was done in Vancouver yesterday.

I just had a post about how stupid teenagers could be and I recognize not everyone rioting was a teenager or young adult or post-secondary student – some were grown men (women?) doing stupid shit either because they had nothing to lose or were too drunk or simply too stupid to realize what they were doing.

I’m not making excuses, it was just an observation at all the young rioters cheering at the destruction of property belonging not only to the women and men that keep them safe, but also fellow citizens… that could be the vehicle of a family member or a friend or a someone who could have an impact on your life in the future.

Again, lots of videos on YouTube, Facebook pictures and Twitter pics/threads… I hope these people get caught.



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