How To: Marksman Hunter Spec AOE Damage

I switched from SV to MM awhile ago because I don’t like the SV spec, it just doesn’t sit right. One of the things I missed was the AOE damage dominance of SV. In MM, running with the spec suggested by Frostheim over at Warcraft Hunter’s Union, I suffered bad AOE DPS.

Rather than suck up the posts suggesting to switch to SV for AOE fights or situations (like parasites on Magmaw or Oozes in Cho’gall), I decided to shirk the norm and figure out a suitable solution for MM AOE.

And I found it. Are you ready? It’s really sneaky and not very obvious… I lied, it’s obvious. Drop iffy talent points and pick up the ones related to AOE… derp.

I took two points out of Termination (I’m not really focus starved near the end of the boss fights anyway) and popped them into Bombardment. This means when I crit, my next Multishot cost is reduced by 50%. With a lot of targets up, this means a guaranteed 50% reduction on the next Multishot. I went from getting off 2, maybe 3 to being able to spam it 5 or 6 times.

I also removed the point in Resistance is Futile (bleh) and popped it into Concussive Barrage which helps for keeping the parasites and oozes at bay – also buys you some time if the tank can’t hold agro or you need to pop some more Steady Shots for more Focus.

Basically spam Multishot until you can’t, pop a couple of Steady Shots and Multishot a couple of more times. Repeat. Don’t bother with Chimera Shot or anything else – maybe an Explosive Trap if there really is a lot of mobs, otherwise, pretend you’re a Paladin and mash two buttons.

This is going to be nerfed next patch when they reduce the damage of Multishot so enjoy it while you can.

NOTE: I also move one point from Beastmastery (Frenzy 2/3 instead of 3/3) to Survival (Pathing 3/3 instead of 2/3) to pick up some personal haste over some pet haste. It hasn’t hurt me in numbers.

I haven’t run any numbers, but I suspect there might be a glitch here with the focus cost reduction and multiple crits off one Multishot – it just feels like I’m getting too many shots off.

UPDATE (11/07/2011): This still works well after the damage reduction to Multishot. It’s extra important to get Misdirection up before you start because you can leverage the extra crit % off the targets being above 90% health.


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