4.2 Thoughts

Wow. Logged in and lag city. Disable Recount? Oh. Hey, it’s all better!

Picked up a trinket that was on the Valor Point QM previously and had some JPs left over.

I then started doing the quests in Hyjal around Thrall while queuing up for a regular Heroic. I got partway into the Thrall quest (I was in Vashj’r) when the heroic popped.

It was SFK. I couldn’t tell what sort of DPS I did but my shot rotation hasn’t really changed so I feel the same.

Once that was done, I finished off the Thrall quest and picked up the epic cloak at the end. It’s really pretty simple to do, especially now when there was a lot of people there to help out. Some silly Horde were PVP flagged while in there and so they died… fast.

Once that was done, I popped over to the Shrine of Malorne and ran the lead up quests to open up the dailies. The first set of dailies seem easy enough and they’re gated like the Argent Crusade. You walk away with about 12 tokens and need 20 to open up some more dailies. (Thanks Tim for the directions) I’m going to guess that the last 8 tokens I need for hitting 20 is probably going to take me two more days of dailies… maybe more because you don’t have the initial lead up quests boosting that for you.


Raid group gathered and we saw we had Tol Barad so we went to take a look.

Tol Barad new boss trash is ugly. We need to figure them out. Seems they don’t have a threat table and do damage on some weird condition (seems like you’ve got to gather up). Popped into the room where the new boss was supposed to be. Note I said, “supposed to be” because he wasn’t there. We started looking around for a trigger.

Nope. Derp… he shows up with the new Arena Season which is next week, I think.

Our Arena PVP people weren’t there yet.




Really neat looking (Oblivion jokes aside) and full of trash mobs. It reminds me of the old EQ raids for places like Fear and Growth.  Lots of trash mobs… and they are sorta nasty. Turtles > all. There were some epics dropping from the trash; I think we had a cloak drop and a pair of tailoring recipes. They do respawn after a couple of hours as well so it doesn’t seem like it’s a case of clearing the trash, then coming back and doing bosses. I really hope the trash disappears as some of the bosses die and they stay down or the design is going to hurt casual raiders.

It took a bit to get used to pulling raid trash in a wide open environment again and we had some issues where stuff would path into where we were fighting – so, our bad.

We wandered around looking for Shannox… oh, you have to clear more trash to make him come look for the intruders. Done.

There he is.



The new Dungeon/Raid Spoiler feature is neat. Very detailed. Shows loot and all the boss abilities, even to the point of noting some enrage type abilities. Our raid leader sort of discovers this after the fact so the raid relies on my addled memory which processes “what do I need to do” when viewing strats for what they need to do. Here’s an example:

Big boss, two dogs. One has no threat table and will run around raid pouncing on people. You need to hit him hard with one shot to make him stop eating someone’s face. The tanks need to swap agro on the boss and the remaining pooch; one tank has both, gets some stacks of a nasty fire debuff (yes, I was wrong – it’s actually a bleed that stacks). We need to kill the dogs before Shannox reaches 30% or they enrage and wipe the raid so we need to DPS them all down low, kill the dogs then Shannox. Each dog you kill makes Shannox hit harder so we need them all down low.

*Tank pulls. Healer gets stuck in a crystal trap.*

Oh, and Shannox is going to throw out two different kinds of traps; one works sort of like a frost tomb while the other does lots of fire damage. You get a couple of seconds to move away before they activate so move away. Oh and the dogs can trip the traps too.

See? There is a reason I’m not the raid leader.

We sort of muddle our way through figuring out what ability is what and what we need to do but only manage to get about three real attempts on him (we don’t count the facepull wipe). We definitely need to realign our DPS but it’s hard to decide how without an idea of who is doing what sort of damage to boss/dogs – damn you Recount.

Apparently Skada was working, I might give that a try.


I am actually considering doing the unthinkable which is to switch to BM (so boring) and use the big, stompy-noise making pets to annoy my fellow raiders and make them petition to give MM its DPS back.

“Stompy is going to be my new best friend until Blizzard gives MM its DPS back.”


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