I Was Wrong…

I’ll admit it. A group cannot compensate for a really bad PUG tank, at least not with the Troll Heroics.

Last night I log off after getting my dailies sorted out, doing a heroic and then doing a couple of regular dungeons on my DK tank for my brother-in-law (a.k.a. BIL) along with my sister and John (thanks John!). I poke around a little in Minecraft, just moving stuff around prepping my mine for some building then UFTimmy sends me an IM saying he’s going to do some heroics.

I’m dead tired so I tell him so.

A few minutes later he sends me another one saying it’s mostly a guild group; him, Jason and Bitterdan so should go fast. It’s 11:30pm… I say fine, should only be 30 minutes tops with that sort of firepower. Log in (after a short patch) and queue up.

Dungeon pops in about five minutes, I hit enter dungeon and… fuck. It’s a troll dungeon. You douchebag!

I grumble at him in Vent but stick through it because his reasoning is sound, “We’ll roll through this.”

Until we realize the tank is really damn slow. It was so bad even I was losing my patience. So we starting rushing things, pushing him along using MD and Tricks to get shit on him. Nope, we wipe to bad interrupts. So we start CCing some. Get to the serpent boss (or whatever – the one with the eggs) and we wipe there because the tank stands in the bad and dies. We give him shit (well, mostly Bitter and Tim) and do it the second time. Moving through he’s still damn slow and starting to get mouthy. He then stops tanking (we only slightly noticed because it wasn’t like he was holding agro well before) after a pull.

Tim votes to boot him.

At this point it’s well after midnight so we pop it back into the queue and get a druid tank. The guy was good. We cleared the rest in short time with no other issues.

Bad tanks r bad. n u cant carry dem too far cuz dey too heavy in all dat armurs.

Now I’m dead tired on the last day of work before a long weekend and week off. Focus? Where are you?


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