ZOMG Where R U?!/!!one!11?

Did you miss me?

What?! Didn’t know I was gone!?

I’ve been on vacation for the last week so I haven’t done much in the way of blogging.

Day one was Canada Day (Friday, July 1st), we had a street party then some fireworks at the nearby park. They were awesome. The host does a better job each year.

Weekend was pretty tame. Its too long ago for me to remember but I don’t remember it being painful so that’s good.

Monday was a stay at home day so we went to the local YMCA to use their pool, then played some computer with the kids then mowed the lawn. Yay. Oh, I fell down the stairs in the morning. Turned my ankle and had a less than graceful landing. The ‘hot tub’ area of the Y was nice on the leg.

Tuesday we went to a nearby waterpark (Mont Cascasdes) which was both inexpensive and filled with bikinis… even worn by people that probably shouldn’t have been wearing them (I’m talking to you 70 year old, fat, chain-smoking lady with no teeth). Kids had a ball, wife was pleased, I had some fun though by the end of the day my leg was a bit sore. Then I raided until midnight and we killed Beth’Tilac (Firelands raid content is available now).

We tried Shannox previously but it was much tougher than it sounded on the PTR because they made them all untauntable. You need to do threat control. I believe he’s our next target.

Wednesday we went to Watertown, New York to do some shopping. The in-laws on TheWife’s side made it sound like the next West Edmonton Mall but when we got there it wasn’t much more than a mall, smaller than the one we have locally. Prices were about the same if not a little more than what we have here (it was nice getting 100$ US for less than 100% CDN teehee) so it wasn’t really any savings. The only upside was some things were available in their stores that aren’t available in Canada. The kids came away with some Lego that wasn’t available yet but otherwise bought stuff that was available here. I walked away with some Nutter Butter… that was all. So sad.

We ended up having steak at a place there that the bro-in-law (TheWife’s side) was saying was the best steak place ever. It was good, but I couldn’t say the ‘best’. It helped that they bought the dinner (which is a rarity so it was appreciated).

Thursday was a catch up on daily chores day (the ones that had been put off for several days) so I downloaded some special map generators for Minecraft. LBO really wanted to try out the Planetoids maps and saw another one in Yogscast which was a desert adventure map generator. Both were pretty neat, though the adventure for the Primordial Desert Generator had a limited number of traps (dropping sand floor into the abyss, exploding floor and dropping ceiling) while the treasure was pretty limited. The cool thing with it was finding the oasis(es) and exploring some of the volcanos (some of the ruin entrances lead you into some of the volcanos and some of the get big caverns). When you step back and think about it, it’s really cool how it generates everything randomly. I suspect there are a bunch of presets for the caves, volcanos, oasis and ruins then the area is generated with sand around it.

Friday was a bit more of a home day. I managed to get on to play some WoW, read up on the guild forum – which I’d been lax about – and then .. wait, was that Thursday morning? I spent most of the afternoon watching movies with the boys then we scooted out for LBO’s soccer match. He discovered a certain girl in his class was also playing soccer under the same country colors as he was. They played a little at the park and he had her giggling lots. He’s such a charmer.

Today? I’m free most of the day. I think I’ll sneak out to the book store or electronics shop to see if there is anything worth buying (I was considering the extended Blu-ray version of the Lord of the Rings movies).

Oh, and I’ll play some WoW.


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