Another Firelands Boss Dead

We killed Shannox last night. It took us awhile to hammer out the strat and make adjustments we needed to make it happen, but when it did.. it did.

I admit, I was starting to question Blizzard’s thought process. First I run into trash where I can’t use my pet or it dies (so I was firing his special manually), then untauntable mobs that enter hunter dead zones and you’re pooched (I switched targets at that point), untauntable boss and his pets… why have taunts in there? (I know – it’d be way too easy if the tanks could taunt… or me…) and then later in the evening when we did the new BH boss a phase where you have to stack up and DPS down a bunch of adds fast – again, these sit in my dead zone which reduces me to either just dropping traps (and DPSing the boss) or moving out of the group and dying.

So yeah, I was starting to question things a little.

I was playing my Paladin a little, he’s currently Ret for leveling and should be 85 shortly (I’m about 25% away from it). In comparison to the Hunter, his resources are far easier to manage, they don’t ever seem to go down unless I’m healing myself between fights. The rotation is pretty easy and I really don’t have to make many decisions because I need to adjust for resources… oh, and no dead zone. Despite the trivial play requirements of the Paladin, I still prefer the Hunter.

Still… it leaves me wondering WTF?

Oh, and then there is the Arcane Mage spec. I’m still not seeing the effects of the nerfing. I suspect that or my Shadow Priest will be the next to level 85. Speaking of which, Shadow Priests also did not appear to get nerfed.  I seem them cranking out sick damage in AOE and single target situations. Mind Seer FTW… yet Multishot is too easy? Whatever.

As I mentioned above we killed the BH boss as well. That was going fine until people pushed the boss and ignored the adds (so it seemed). We lost a bunch but the remaining few were able to finish off the last 300-400k.

Admittedly, I was a little disappointed in my DPS. The change to Careful Aim hurts me in a trash clearing scenario where I can’t use Multishot because the trash drops below 90% really fast. Not a big deal, it’s only trash. I do also suffer a bit with things like Ripface and Rageface, but overall I didn’t do too bad despite trapping and concussive shot use to slow up Ripface.

Looking at my numbers, I still wasn’t happy. I double checked things. I’ve got a tad bit over the required 8% hit. I’m usually around 28% crit, sometimes more if I have a Wolf or Crit granting raider around. For Haste, it seems I was off. I needed a high amount of haste to be hitting the second tier of hard cap with the inclusion of the Chimera Shot Glyph. I did find myself missing the ‘extra’ second gained in several cases so I switched the glyph out and then reforged some more Haste in where I could (I need to double check my enchants too).

I went and hit up the target dummy for a bit. I tried two different rotations, one using Arcane Shot as the Focus dump ability and the second was using Aimed Shot for a Focus dump. I kept at it awhile for each, roughly 10 minutes or so (while listening to the Guild Leader interviewing an applicant over Ventrilo). For the Arcane Shot focus dump I was getting about 14-15k DPS – no cooldowns or food (I think I was flasked though). For the Aimed Shot as a focus dump I was getting around 17-19k DPS.

Catch here is that I think the target dummy never went below 90%  health. I didn’t watch it closely, but if that was the case, these numbers will be inflated… which makes me sad.

I’ll try it again and keep note next time. I might also take a look at SV. I tried it briefly in a heroic but really… REALLY didn’t like it.


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