Increasing Your Margin…

… for errors.

Enchants. Gems. Gear. Glyphs.

These are all your tools for increasing your output (damage, threat or heals), padding your health or giving you more resources. Ultimately, the sum of these increase your margin of error.

If you have the best you can get, these means you can survive or recover from more mistakes.

Now multiply that by 10 (or 25 if you raid 25s).

Your entire raid having the best gear, enchants, gems and glyphs will help the raid succeed and recover from mishaps.

Skill helps, but then if you were skilled enough, you probably wouldn’t have the mishap which means your uberness can go towards helping others recover.

Everyone has a bad day – last night I Misdirected one of Shannox’s pooches to our DPS Deathknight instead of our Warrior tank, I also pushed to get a pull which resulted in me dying as Rageface immediately raged on my face, and another attempt I Misdirected Shannox to the wrong tank.

Tangent Rant: Targeting has been driving me fucken nuts lately. Tab targeting sometimes doesn’t give me the one I want and cycles through missing it – other times I push it too quickly and end up cycling through again so I sometimes rely on clicking to target… which is awesome. Half the time I get an ally and a quarter of the time I get their fucken companion! DAI SUNFLOWER! POP BALLOONS! I was pretty close to asking people to get rid of their companions unless it was to be used as a marker. Yeah, I could macro targeting, but then I’d have to change them every fight and find a home (on my already crowded action bars) for them. That or I’d run out of macro slots (I have almost all my hunter shots for MM, SV and BM macroed to do extra things).

Anyway, I could be wrong, but I think the attempt where I MDed Shannox to the wrong tank, we recovered from and turned it into a win.

I’m not sure, I wasn’t all there which is why it happened.

Back to the point; push the envelope for your character and if the rest of the raid does that too, it’ll be like having an eleventh person in the raid.


2 thoughts on “Increasing Your Margin…

  1. Just in case you’ve forgot:


    Tab Cycles through your enemies
    F Target what your friend is hitting
    V Show health bars over enemies (like the bear in the picture above)
    T Attack nearest target

    Cycles through allies (even if not in your group)
    Shift-V Show health bars over allies
    Shift-T Send your pet to attack

    Could it be possible that you’re Ctrl-Tabbing’ in all the fury of a battle and getting allies? (or Companion Pets…)

  2. Tab is mainly what I use.

    F is my Disengage macro key.
    V is my Mend Pet key.
    T is my Feign Death key.


    I’m getting allies because I mouse clicked to target – bad. I might just put up enemy plates and click off those when in a hurry. I don’t make use of the CTRL modifier on anything other than my Deterrence ability. I don’t even really use my Shift modifier that I can think of – at least not with the Hunter.

    Pet attack has been a little quirky lately. Generally, I’ve macroed Hunter’s Mark to send pet unless I’m in a group and we’re not in combat. At which point I expect the pet to attack when I do (from Defensive). Used to be any target you attack would send the pet too if it’s on Defensive, now it sort of needs to be on Assist mode which is sort of meh because Assist also seems to send the pet after whatever you’re attacking (I’m still trying to puzzle this out) which is a loss of pet DPS if I’m attacking Ripface then have to switch to Shannox – who is 60 yards away from Ripface – for a few.

    I’ll figure it out/get used to it or resort to targeting macros, hehe.

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