Surviving Careful Aim Nerf

Blizzard recently nerfed (it’s not a fix if it isn’t broken) Careful Aim talent which used to give you a big increase to your critical strike chance if the target was over 80% (if you put the points into it). This was big for the lead in on most boss fights – Blizzard thought it was too big. Maybe they were right, maybe not. I’m leaning towards not.

So.. what do you do now that they raised it to 90%? In other words, dropped the crit bonus from being the first 20% to being the first 10% only.

Well if you’re Survival, you don’t bother with the points unless you’re smart and respec into Marksman.

If you’re Marksman, no change in the talent spec, instead you’re going to be more careful about how you start things up.

First, be mindful of every second you’re not attacking the target while it’s above 90% health. This is time missed taking advantage of the talent. This is the foundation of my suggestions.

Second, consider what target you’re up against. How much is 10% of it’s health? Is it enough that you’ll have the benefit for awhile? If so, blow cooldowns to maximize this time. Is it trash? Probably not worth blowing cooldowns over, but you probably want to get attacking right away.

Third, pre-buff where you can. This means get Hunter’s Mark up and Misdirection going before you or your group engages. You don’t need to mark new targets if you’ve got Marked For Death (lasts 15 seconds which is more than enough time to get another Chimera Shot or Arcane Shot off) in your talent spec which you should. If you’re popping a buff or something that triggers a global cooldown that isn’t doing damage, then you’re wasting that time you have with a 60% bonus to crit!

NOTE: WHU recommends only 1/2 point in this talent and recommends Termination 2/2. I currently run 2/2 in this and 0/2 in Termination – my other point is 1/2 in Concussive Barrage. If you’re using Arcane Shot as a focus dump, 50% chance good enough. I use Aimed Shot as my focus dump so I like having the 100%. I may adjust this to be 1/2 and give it a look at a later time.

Why don’t you value Termination? I don’t put the extra points in there because my Focus regen is fine around the end of the fight. I usually have my second set of Rapid Fire cooldowns available by that point so the extra focus is wasted as I’m getting more than enough back. With two Rapid Fires – and sometimes Heroism – I can extend the time I’m operating at a high-regen, high-haste level.

Termination 2/2 isn’t a bad thing – I will experiment with it some more..

Fourth, consider the value of Serpent Sting. Is the mob going to last long enough for the DoT to matter? (weak trash) Do you really want to lead with it or can it wait or never bother being used (weak trash)? Remember, you’re not Survival, you don’t have Noxious Stings going so consider Serpent Sting a waste of time if the target is going to die fast. You have to weigh the gains of getting the odd tick crit over having something like Chimera Shot or Aimed Shot or even Steady Shot crit.

Those are the main points I can think of. Remember, these are suggestions and thoughts for you to try out (they work for me).

Don’t let this get in the way of other tasks you might have assigned to you because you’re a Hunter, therefore awesome. I often get assigned tasks that impact this change – MDing adds to tanks, releasing things, getting traps down, etc. A successful raid is more important than your resulting numbers!


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