WoW Hunters Hall

Frostheim and others are working to compile WoW Hunter information into one good spot or at least compile updates of useful Hunter information.

If you’re like me, and chances are you’re not – they don’t give internet access to just anyone in an asylum, then you dig around for information off of a large number of sites.

Or two.

I mainly check out Warcraft Hunters Union for a foundation in PVE knowledge and thoughts then and pop over to the Huntsman’s Lodge for PVP related or macro information. I also occasionally hit up the Elitist Jerks forums for info – admittedly, I don’t go there for much more than macros. Oh and then there is Petopia for information on pets.

I guess I go to a little more than two. Double is ‘a little’, right?

Admittedly, I sometimes dislike the information I get (like the old, “switch to SV to AE” tips) so I figure out another way to make things work.

I may submit an article or two over time so keep your eyes peeled.

A couple of topics would be:

And maybe some Mishaps with Misdirection.
Oh, I guess it’d help if I actually said what the site was? It is WoW Hunters Hall.

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