Die Dead Zone Die!

While raiding the other night I had a disappointing moment where I realized that I couldn’t effectively do my only role – deal damage.


The dead zone.

I understand why it’s there for PVP, I get it. What I don’t understand is why they (Blizzard) adjusted previous Cataclysm bosses (or their trash like in Nefarion’s second phase) but failed to consider this with current Firelands (and Baradin Hold’s second boss)?

The main place I felt this failing was on Occu’thar the other night. He summons up a bunch of eyes which you need to group up and down them fast. The problem is that by clumping up with the other raiders, I put the eyes in the dead zone and can’t seem to do much more than drop Explosive Trap and Snake Trap. I ended up doing so and focusing on Occu’thar but it makes me feel like I’m not doing my best to deal with the adds. I did try targeting Occu’thar and using Multishot but I couldn’t tell if it was hitting the eyes or not. Moving out of the cluster means the eye stuck on me doesn’t get killed and I miss out on any AE heals from the cluster (if any).

Very disappointing.

I’ve had some other frustrations with it was well. During Beth’tilac I’m tasked with using Distracting Shot on the hanging spiders to get them to stop spitting on the raiders which means I’m running around with a bunch of them on me if I don’t manage to kill them between Distracting Shot cool downs. I could be wrong, but they seemed to ignore my Frost Trap – that is when I don’t have it already in use helping slow the Spiderlings from getting to the Drone. Disengage buys me a short time, but not enough. I end up sucking it up until one of our other DPS folks get them off me.

Shannox fight is another one that can be annoying (again, annoying, not disappointing like the Occu’thar eye ball phase was). Rageface randomly running around and sometimes targeting me can be a pain. Again, my Frost Trap is usually out to slow up Ripface, Disengage could be risky due to the crystal/immolation traps from Shannox but Feign Death does work. I don’t like the DPS hit from using Deterrence so if Feign Death is down, I switch to either Ripface or Shannox if Rageface is in my dead zone and eating me. (Killing Rageface first is the strategy my guild has adopted.)

Annoying, but I can live with it.

So, what is Blizzard to do?

Perhaps check if the target is a player, if so, apply the dead zone because it’s likely PVP. That seems a little costly to the responsiveness of the controls.

Increased Explosive or Snake Trap damage isn’t fun, though it’s a possible solution.. which could have balance issues in other cases so not the best idea.

A better suggestion would be to consider some of the raid mechanics, such as the eye phase in Occu’thar and ensure you’re not penalizing Hunters and preventing them from doing the only role* they’re capable of – dealing damage.

*Obviously we perform other tasks aside from dealing damage, but in a scenario where the only task is to deal damage, why are Hunters penalized?


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