Gear Check?

Last night we hit up Firelands again, starting with Shannox who we one shot. I was pretty impressed by this as we had no mishaps at all and two people present who weren’t there for our previous killing of the boss – one of which was our Ripface tank.

When then went after Beth’tilac – which is said to be a gear check type boss. We  beat her/him/it last week but it came down to the last few minutes of our scheduled raid time. This time around, we still had several attempts (seven) but made a few key adjustments and got it almost done but blew it because some spiderlings were up when she/he/it dropped down for the second phase.

This is a bit odd, because they don’t even have to reach her (unless she’s got a big range on consuming the spiderlings) to be consumed. We were also a bit behind on one of the drones.

More adjustments and we got her down the next attempt. It wasn’t clean, but it wasn’t nearly as close as it was the last time.

Occu’thar was pretty easy – we got him down with a minute to spare. We popped over to the other BH boss and downed him quickly too. I was a little surprised at how high my DPS was for that fight- I topped the chart at. I didn’t really change anything but it’s one of those fights where you don’t have extra tasks.

Overall, my DPS was lower than I usually do but I’m going to chalk it up to extra tasks.

Trash seemed to die pretty quickly for the most part. I could use my pet on some of it or it’d die. Bleh.

Shannox I was to MD Ripface to the tank which means I didn’t get as much time to benefit from careful aim and didn’t pop cooldowns off the start. I was also switching back to Ripface to use Concussive Shot, Scatter Shot or Ice Trap to slow him up. I still did near 16k DPS.

(Tangent Rant: if you mouse over Firespire, while viewing the damage done to Shannox, you’ll see she effectively used three attacks and got 80% of her damage from… Arcane Blast. Really Blizzard? I thought you guys ‘fixed’ this…

I don’t blame Firespire for using this, it’s there – do it. And to her credit she isn’t the typical Arcane Mage that can’t seem to move out of the bad – she’s good at staying alive.

But damn… I think I’ll level my Mage next.)

On Beth’tilac, my overall numbers dropped more to just under 15k DPS. On the other hand, you’ll see Quarterchub dropped a lot to. Reason for his DPS dropping was that he was the DPS we sent up top so he lost some DPS moving up and down then again while chasing down the spiderlings before Beth’tilac dropped. My excuses… er.. reasons?

Well, once again I was tasked with using Distracting Shot on the Spinners that hang from a thread and launch fiery nukes at people. It’s a shitty task and I hate it, but I’ll keep doing it because it’s required to beat it. My focus was very divided. The spinners need to be taunted so they’ll drop off the web and stop spitting. This usually means if they’re not dead when the come off (or close to it) they’ll quickly run into my dead zone. I’ve resolved myself to switching as they close (they’re not affected by slows) to another one and getting some damage on it before Distracting Shot comes off cooldown. It hurts because sometimes I end up with several on me, eating away. At one point in our 6th attempt I think I had four on me. In our last attempt we moved Firespire over to help DPS them when they were up but otherwise switch to the Drone. That worked well.

When the Spinners weren’t up I would set up Ice Traps for the spiderlings, maybe fire a few Multishots (with Concussive Barrage 1/2)  at them if I had the focus. Otherwise, I’d flip to the Drone and help out there. Usually it’d be in Kill Shot range.

One thought that occured to me last week when we first tried Beth’tilac was, “If this is the gear check boss and we’re struggling to kill it – maybe the gear expectations are higher, like heroic level items?” Then we got her down. And then again yesterday so I’m thinking that is less of an issue.

For Occu’thar, I did more DPS than when tasked with things, but missed out on the AE damage during the eye-adds phases. I actively tried to target them and see if they were not impacted by the whole dead zone mechanic, but they were which left me dropping a couple of traps (Explosive and Snake traps) then switching to the boss. I’m debating not even bothering with the traps…

Argoloth! Finally a boss I don’t have extra tasks for and nothing that needs to die which sits in my dead zone – YES! The results?

Top of the DPS chart with a sound 24k DPS. A good 2.4k DPS higher than the next guy and almost 4k higher than the 3rd place guy.

I sometimes miss just pew pew pew-ing.


2 thoughts on “Gear Check?

  1. Thanks 🙂

    One thing I neglected to mention is I switched to Aspect of the Fox while the Spinners were beating on me which increased my Focus regen a fair bit (5 or 6 per melee hit). I switched back to Hawk when they were gone.

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