Ding 30!

I hit 30 on my Troll Durid (yes, that’s intentional) last night while in Ashenvale.


No Wot is my Shaman.

I mean, you hit 30 in Ashenvale? Isn’t that a little low level for level 30?

Definitely. The mobs were actually grey near the later parts of the quest chain. I was a little disappointed to see I’d out level the content so fast even without any XP enhancing gear. Really all I had was the Guild Level XP bonus… oh, and I ran maybe two and half dungeons.

Not a single opportunity to PVP out in the world (despite being on a PVP server) short of someone that was clearly way above my level. Maybe it’s the fact that the server is only Medium population, maybe it’s phasing or maybe people are just at the higher tier of the game. I only ran into other people doing quests a few times and they were on the Good Team – mine.

I’ll likely let up for the next few days as the Valor cap resets and I should get back to doing the Firelands dailies. I think if I cap Valor this week I’ll either have my two-piece Tier 12 or be just short of it so I should get on it especially since my Wednesday night D&D (or Pathfinder) group is starting up again after a summer break.

Raid night tonight. I suspect we’ll clobber Shannox and Beth’tilac again, maybe have some time left over to work on Lord Ryolith, maybe clobber Occu’thar again.

Tough part is going to be picking who sits tonight. We seem to have a surplus of DPS showing up lately. I’m reluctant to sit people that have missed recently due to other events or who had to sit recently. Heck on Sunday we were over by one and that was without two of our more consistent DPS players being away.

Fun times.

There are a couple of tweaks to my spec I want to make. I’m reluctant to give up Silencing Shot (which I tend to use as an interrupt more than a silence ability) but it might be for the better. I admit having 100% chance (off Chimera/Arcane Shot) to automatically place Hunter’s Mark on a target without actually casting Hunter’s Mark is nice.

Such a tough decision – a little more focus at the end of a target’s life or the ability to interrupt. The interrupt is key for me because I PUG a lot of heroics, sometimes having no guildies in the group at all which means I get some pretty bad groups where I am the only one that seems to know how or when to interrupt.

Maybe I’ll run with two MM specs.. hehe


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