Little Boys Put Stuff in Their Pockets.

I’ve said this numerous times to TheWife and her mother (who sometimes does laundry at our house in an attempt to be helpful).

When doing laundry for boys (or men), realize that they have pockets in their clothing and they use these pockets instead of a purse. That’s right. Men and boys don’t uses purses so we have to put stuff somewhere. Pockets have worked well since the days of Bilbo Baggins, no need to change that now. So check the pockets or pat down the article of clothing to ensure nothing is in there.

If I were to add up the cost of items lost in the wash because someone didn’t check the pockets, the amount would be about 500$.


That was the cost of three Express Adult Bus Passes and an 8gb iPod Touchscreen Nano (which was a week old).

I know, ladies are thinking, “If you don’t take your stuff out of your pockets before dumping it in the {hamper/laundry area} then it’s your fault!” or maybe even some of you saucier ladies would say, “Don’t like it? Do the laundry yourself.”

To which I’d respond that TheWife has OCD when it comes to laundry. If there is an article of clothing not hanging up in the closet or in a dresser, she immediately tosses it into the laundry. I have gone to bed, dead tired, at 3am and left my pants on the bench in our room only to wake up at 5am to find them in the laundry.

I kid you not.

So remember… if you’re doing laundry, little boys (and big boys) have pockets and they use them.

Check the pockets.




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