Awhile ago I resigned to focus on WoW and for the most part I did that. I didn’t get distracted by very many new MMO releases, passing up on several while remaining focused on WoW. I had one slip up which was Rift and I regret it. Oh and DC Universe which was neat, but also a pretty big let down (I almost forgot it).

That’s pretty good for me.

However, I will be pre-ordering Star Wars: The Old Republic. It’s been on my list of possible exceptions for awhile now.


I’ve been long waiting for a suitable space type MMO because I am growing a little tired of all the fantasy ones. There is only so much you can do with fantasy and most of what gets done isn’t really new, it’s just a slight variation on some common historical mythos.

Sure Star Wars is based off existing IP, but it’s IP I haven’t invested in short of the movies and some of the games that came out awhile back (KOTOR, Dark Forces, Tie Fighter – much older games). It’ll be a nice change for me and (hopefully) a chance to explore different things.

That doesn’t mean I’m cancelling WoW and I don’t see myself cancelling in unless ToR ends up being totally awesome. Even then…


2 thoughts on “Resigned

  1. I have mixed feelings on “The Old Republic”. The trailers are pretty awesome, no doubt, but in reading some pre-reviews it seems that most of the content is “instanced” which I really hate.

    I hate it with WoW to be honest. Yes, I’m an old school gamer and as much as it’s no fun to have people “camp” spawns of rares and bosses, not instancing everything does add a lot to the feeling of living in a fantasy world with other people around you. There’s more to the multi-player aspect other than the auction house.

    EVE-Online had this feeling. You couldn’t go anywhere or anyplace in the world without running into a ‘real’ person, and nowhere was safe.

    I’ll probably try it out, but I’m not holding my breath on anything spectacular.

  2. My expectations aren’t high. I realize it’s going to be like WoW or Rift, but the fact that the content will be different – that’s enough for me at the moment.

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