Ganking Gone Wrong

I popped on to my Troll Durid (I’m working to get the class name changed, watch out Rouges, you’re next!) for a bit to crank out a few quick quests and check auctions (up to over 400 gold and climbing). As I was questing I saw a flagged Worgen Warrior run by.

I just had to track him down.

I found him in a small building so I hid (Prowl /rawr) by the door to wait for him to come out. As he was switching to four-legged run mode, I attacked.

And realized those gimp ass looking shoulder items he had on were… Hunter PVP BOA gear.


The guy was a twink. I suspect he had several other items as well that I couldn’t see because I wasn’t doing a whole lot of damage to him. I got low and bailed, popped a potion along the way. Unfortunately, I could stealth up again… but hey, he could Charge!

So he caught up with me and finished me off.

My bad for attacking a twink. I’ll pay more attention to the gear people are wearing in the future. I had forgotten what the PVP heirloom gear stuff looked like.

Just to rub salt in the wounds, the Worgen popped over to an Alliance alt and suggested I don’t attack him again (in a cheerful chuckling way).

Guess which channel was used?

Guild chat.

I was pouncing on a guildie’s Alliance side alt. I groaned and realized the guy probably had every piece of BoA twink gear possible on him since the Horde guild I’m in is level 25 and has been for awhile. Also the guy sending me a tell was a level 85 Durid.

Good times!

I’ve since gained a couple of levels and actually trained up some useful abilities. Who knew a kitty durid that hadn’t trained and skills in four levels and who was wearing level 21 gear (at 32) couldn’t beat a kitted out warrior.

I’m going to hunt that guy down now… mouahaaha. I has Track Humanoids as kitty mode! And I like a challenge.


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