Golden Group


I ran some Heroic Troll Dungeons last night with a guild (Carleys) as healer and the PUG we popped into was awesome.

Feral Druid (tank).
Arcane Mage.
Fury Warrior.
Restoration Shaman.
Awesomesauce Hunter.

We roll up to the first boss easily in Zul’Gurub – you know, the one with the poison maze that chases people through it during phase switches, shoots snakes at people, links them to explode… you know the drill, right?

Well, he didn’t get to chase us through the maze because we downed him before he could even run back up the stairs and do that phase.

You read that right. He died to our collective and massive 90,000 Damage Per Second.

Yours truly did over 30k DPS.

Next boss? Rofflestomped too. I don’t think his raptor managed to kill any of the spirits because he was only rezzed once. Once. True story.

We did the Archaelogy required boss after (in the area with the floating masks). Smoked him.

On to the kitty boss. Smoked him too.

On to the cauldron boss. Dead before he could animate any of the enlarged troll zombies and not a single green cauldron phase. In fact, the fire cauldron buff was still going when we looted him.

Last boss? Rolled it. We would have had it dead sooner but the Warrior wasn’t next to a chain when he was targeted for a Body Slam.

The group enthusiastically queued up for another except the Warrior who I’m sure left out of habit, caught the group chat asking for another and immediately began to cry for having left.

We added in a DK then got ZA. The tank pipes up saying, “Let’s go for the bear!” Sure.

We get to the lynx boss and down him with about 6 minutes to spare. I won the bear.


I don’t remember the time we started, but if it was around 10pm we were done both of the troll dungeons before 11:30pm. I still had plenty of time to do all my Firelands dailies and switch to enchant something for Carleys.

I finished the night 150 Valor Points away from my second T12 (I’m not wearing the first until I have two piece set bonus) which is a pain because it means another Troll and regular heroic or three heroics. I also ended with 122 or 123 Marks so I’m one or two quests away from unlocking the Dwarf (Armaments) vendor (upgrade Trinket and scope recipe there).

I should be getting a few upgrades tonight… if I weren’t going to see Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows part 2 tonight.

Good times.

(FWIW, my PUGs usually are four random strangers where I lead the DPS doing between 40-50% of the group’s total Damage Done (I’m lucky if I see DPS that does over 10k in PUGs) while struggling to keep the mobs on the Tank through Misdirection and Feign Death. It was REALLY nice to final get a group of solid PUG DPS and tanking skill.)


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