World of Warcraft loses another 300k subscribers last quarter which is added on top of the 600k subscribers they lost previously.

I think they’ve lost more than that – they’ve lost their touch with how to make a decent expansion. Or maybe their hands were tired by the big bad Activision?

Personally, I think the loss is due to a number of things:
  1. They made parts of the game much easier (questing is clearer, they added a journal for dungeons or raids that reveal the boss abilities – no strategies, but you get a heads up on what they can do).
  2. They made other parts drastically harder for the average gamer, let alone the non-gamer that just likes to play for the social/economic/casual aspect.
  3. There wasn’t enough content in Cataclysm (largely due to revamping old world content which does nothing for people that don’t look back) – 5 levels? Bleh.
  4. Pretty significant overhauls of the class systems (while more balanced, easier to understand and easier to tweak – some people just really liked being OP).
  5. Dungeons were actually difficult (‘were’ – they still are for some people but you can outgear some of them now); heroics were nerfed a little and are now less heroic.
  6. Raids were actually difficult (‘were’ again, they can be out geared now and Blizzard nerfed a lot of the regular mode bosses that tended to block people).
  7. Firelands content consists of daily quests, rep grind and only 7 new bosses (which are pretty tough with new ‘mechanics’ to them).
  8. Even going through the ‘new’ old world content there is a lot of the old quests and once you’re through with the old world you’re dumped into TBC content and then WotLK content which you might have already done several times.
  9. Tiredness. It’s an older game which a lot of people have been playing for a long time.

Still, 11.4 million folks paying up about 15$ a month… I think that’s actually a point. People are getting pissed that Blizzard is making all this money and they release Cataclysm… old world zone revamps, 5 levels and 5 new zones (6 if you count the PVP zone which I don’t). While they’re also creating flying mounts or companion pets and selling those for real money?

EDIT: Because UFTimmy is busting my balls about the “… 11.4 million folks paying up about 15$ a month… ” bit, I said “about”. I realize subs don’t work that way outside of North America and some of Europe. If you’re curious, Wikipedia has some information on how the ‘subs’ work for other countries. It might not be 15$ a month and they might be losing software package fees, but they’re still making oodles.

Really, I shake my head at people flying the sparkle pony or flying-lion mounts – you paid 25$ for that (and yes I realize my sister has both, I shake my head at her too).

So rolling in all that cash… and Cataclysm is what they have to offer us? Content patch: two troll heroics? Next content patch: one raid zone with seven bosses and lots of trash – oh and an instanced dailies zone?

I think they’re losing touch with their player base a little.

I’m currently at the point where I’m enjoying the game because of the people I play with and not so much because of the stuff we’re doing. I have a pretty good feeling I’d still have fun with these same people in another game (so long as the game was interesting and fun for all them as well).


6 thoughts on “Activizzard

  1. Diablo 3 is a myth.

    People are fickle. What they like today is not what they like tomorrow.

    Acoma once said, “My job as the Guild Leader is to log on every night and provide entertainment for the guild. If people continue to log on, then I’m doing my job right.” Or something to that effect.

    I read that as, I wouldn’t expect a MMO to provide all the “entertainment” value necessary to keep people interested in a game. It provides the backdrop, the storyline and the mechanics. The staying value is provided with the people you play with. If the game is becoming stale, then look around you.

  2. I’m still not sure why Diablo III came up here? They’re working on another MMO besides that.

    Acoma didn’t live to entertain his guildies, he simply ran a fair game. If you need someone else to entertain you in a game you choose to play, I think you’re doing it wrong. If you meet someone that does entertain you, that’s a bonus.

  3. Acoma didn’t live to entertain is guildies. HE felt that his JOB was to entertain is guildies (by running raids ect). I don’t need someone to entertain me, but I also don’t think an MMO should be the entertainment either. It provides the backdrop, the setting should evolve as a combination of both game manufactuers and the people around you. Pure single player games need to entertain. MMOs less. That’s all.

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