Cyclist vs. Idiot

A cyclist wears a helmet and rides their bike on the right side of the road where I can easily see them flowing with the traffic if they’re going the same way I am. If they’re going in the other direction, they’re on the left side and I can also see them coming much easier.

An idiot doesn’t wear a helmet and rides on the wrong side of the road… and on a sidewalk. This way I’m more likely to run you over if I’m turning left off a busy street. And, well, I guess I understand why you’re not wearing a helmet – nothing of value to protect.


One thought on “Cyclist vs. Idiot

  1. Whenever my 3-year-old sees a cyclist or motorcyclist without a helmet, she says “HE FALL ON HIS HEAD AND GET A BOOBOO”. I’ve trained her well.

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