I Fought the…

Mosquitoes and the mosquitoes won!

Wow. What a terrible camping trip, at least from my perspective. Just me, TheWife and the kids. Oh, and the kid up the street that the LLO invited and we found out the night before we were leaving. I give them credit, they were pretty good given that it rained almost the entire time.

I also managed to acquire quite the collection of mosquito bites. I have 10 on my left hand, five on my other hand and far too many to count on my legs an ankles. Everyone who has seen me since getting back (I have to wear shorts, pants rub the bites and make me terribly itchy) has cringed and wondered how I’m still sane.

Ha! I never was!

The kids definitely enjoyed it, even though they were trapped in the tent for the most part. We had maybe 45 minutes after we had set up the tent before the storm rolled in.

Thunder + lightning + high winds + tent = suck.

The next day we had brief intermissions on the rain. We used that time to dry off, get some food cooked and guard the frogs the boys were catching (Swampy, Bounce and King were what they named the frogs).

Then it rained, again.

Unable to find much cover to cook under (even though I put up a tarp) we ended up going into a local town to get some grub. Oddly enough, it wasn’t raining there. That’s when I discovered the mosquito bites on my feet despite the big wool socks I was wearing to ward the little fuckers off.

Somewhere in the evening they got at me again. This time doing a number on my legs since there probably wasn’t much more they could suck out of my feet/ankles.

Kids had a good time. TheWife knew I was miserable and sucking it up so she was sort of defensive. Anytime I’d say something that sounded remotely negative she’d pounce. So I stopped saying anything and just stared at her… scratching my legs and feet.

It’s now five days after we got back and I’ve still got big, angry, red bite marks.

There was about two hours on the evening of the last night where we managed to get a fire going. That made it feel more like camping and less like squatting. The clouds cleared a little so we could see some stars.

Then the rain started up again.

p.s. I love you Benadryl.



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