The LBO has been bugging me to buy him a subscription to Roblox. I took a quick look and realized he doesn’t really gain anything for subscribing other than some virtual currency which allows him to buy silly stuff from the store (ultimately, that’s what interests him).

He offered to use his own money for it, to which I said ‘no’ again.

I don’t have a problem with paying a subscription for a game to have access to the servers, content (as in stuff you play in and experience, not some sparkle pony) and decent service. I have a problem with paying monthly fees for virtual currencies to be used on (low quality) virtual items to be used in those games.

I just won’t do it.

He insists and pesters me several times a day about it so I said, “Convince your mom and I might rethink it.”

Part of me is tempted to let him waste his money on it and maybe he’ll learn a lesson from it. The worry I have with that is, what if he doesn’t learn the right lesson? What if he learns it’s okay to spend money on a virtually created, peer-pressured ‘need’. As I said before, he already has access to all the mini games and stuff on Roblox, he just doesn’t get as much Robux as he would if he was subscribed. Those Robux are used to buy silly things in game like apparel items for their little avatars.

Ugh. I detest the idea and I really don’t want him thinking this sort of purchase makes good sense, because it really doesn’t.


2 thoughts on “No.

  1. Hmmm…I checked with the kids and they claim that there is builders club only content. Not sure what all it is but evidently there is some. You also get additional ‘places” which allow you to build more and different areas.

    We have 2 TBC accounts and the kids have really enjoyed it. It’s money well spent imho. I’ve found to to be educational for both of the kids as they are now looking up scripting and programming to make their stuff work.

  2. Problem there is that my guys aren’t asking for it for anything other than the increase Robux. They don’t really care about the extra building spaces or even building anything – they just like playing it and want to be able to buy stuff with R$.

    They’ve stopped asking now. I win. 🙂

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