Too Long

I’ve heard that from women before, but that’s not what I’m talking about today.


Too fucken long.

I’ll admit, I’m a little burned out on Cataclysm. I’m tired of running the heroics over and over for Valor Points which I then turn into the next tier of gear. I’ve done the heroic grind before in Lich King, and I’ve been running these dungeons for eight months (or so) now.  I’m tired of them.

So when you throw a raid fight at me like Alysrazor, I shake my head and wonder at the futility of such a fight or even playing the game. It’s not hard or complicated and I’m not really finding it fun at the moment.

Did we kill her?


Will we?


It’s inevitable because it isn’t that hard, it’s just annoyingly long and you’re stuck repeating the same thing over and over until she dies or one of your 10 raiders screws up.

I’m pretty much only logging on to raid now. I have no interest in the Firelands dailies or their rewards (much like the Argent Tourney, I suspect most of the rewards are for non-raiders – short of a few recipes). And I’m tired of the heroics and troll dungeons. I don’t have the time (or will) to commit to running the older raids as an alternative option (much like the heroics, I’m sort of tired of them too). It’s sad, I’m sitting one troll heroic or two regular heroics away from an upgrade but I just can’t get on and do it. Maybe I’ll try tonight. I don’t know.

I’ve got two other 85s aside Smaken, and two other level 80s but I can’t bring myself to run through the Cata 80-85 content again. I was working on a Druid which completely stalled just short of Wrath level (67.9). I looked ahead and saw Wrath content which I’ve done a bunch already (at least five times) and I just didn’t feel up to it. So I’m going to stick with raiding and find something else to do with my off time.

A work-bud is going on about Rift and all the content patches, fixes and fun times PVPing – maybe I’ll try that out. I played it before, it felt sort of WoW-like but at least the content was different. I guess it’s the difference of playing Quake and then trying Unreal – same gameplay, different content and different graphics. I’ll probably give it a go – I do enjoy PVP so maybe that’ll add some excitement.

I bet I pick the gimpiest class to play and only realize it 40 levels in…



9 thoughts on “Too Long

  1. Yes. I’m having a hard time believing that the upcoming content patch (which is still several months out – imo) will add enough to make it feel different.

    Three new dungeons? How quickly will they be crushed by people wearing T12 gear?

    Deathwing raid? How many bosses? Or better yet, how silly are the boss mechanics going to be? Are Blizzard going to do like in ICC and add a scaling buff so everyone gets a shot?

    The other features don’t interest me much. They’re what a lot of people have been asking for but come at the cost of actual content that could be of value. It comes back to Blizzard giving people what the people thing they want instead of what they don’t realize they want. I’d rather a third spec option than changing my gear’s appearance.

    As I’ve said over IM, I’ve done the old world content (even the newer stuff) several times 6-7 (if not more), TBC about 6 times, Wrath 5 times and Cata 3 times. It’s not new and interesting at the moment making it hard for me to run an alt through it again. At least with Wrath (and TBC) I could muck around in different zones; some zones I skipped or did with different toons – can’t really do that with Cata short of skipping Vash’jr.

  2. Welcome back to Rift 🙂
    Ps- the guild moved servers and are now on Greybriar (and guild is now merged to become Fusion).

  3. yes, all G rated. Some pretty girls (Geanina is the prettiest in my opinion), but all wearing clothes 😉

  4. Yah sometimes I think that blizzard should just adopt a few more dps races into the content. If you’re not “this high” you can’t ride this ride type events. You don’t have a raid that can pull 100K DPS, then tough, you’re going to wipe and die to enrage.

    Or “Bane” weapon or armor type enounters never hurt anyone – make people do some long slogged out quests to obtain rare elements to make weapons or armor – which without would mean certan death.

    I think in the end, people will do all the content anyway, and remember those “oh man that fight was hard” or “wow it took forever to farm all the stuff for those fights” goes a lot further than “oh man we must have worked on that boss for 3 nights before we learned
    to run around the may pole clockwise and not counterclockwise 4 times while jumping on one foot and shooting left-handed to down the boss.

  5. I’m not really sure how to make things more interesting. Admittedly I had good fun the last raid and I had fun with heroics yesterday, even running the troll one but part of that was all the horsing around in the instance. We weren’t taking it the least bit seriously (Skips, Carleys, Shiftybits and myself).

    We were making little effort to get out of the way of bad, we didn’t consider agro at all, in fact, I only realized near the end of one that my pet was taking damage because I wasn’t misdirecting to the tank. We effectively rolled over everything with DPS numbers ranging from 60-80k total. The fun wasn’t the content, it was the company.

    The only reason I was running them was to help Tim get some gear which might have added a little spice to it because I had a point to be there other than ‘grinding for valor’.

    I think if I focus on fun rather than what I feel I ‘need’ to do, I’ll be fine for awhile.

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