Minecraft Night


I ended up logging into to WoW to switch my offspec (which was an AOE MM spec) to Beastmastery, pulled some exotic pets out (Devilsaur, Corehound and Spirit Beast bear) and the queued up for some Heroics.

I ran Deadmines then Halls of Origination. During the DM run I was adjusting my keybinds and locations of some abilities. I ended with about 16k DPS using mostly the Corehound. For the HoO run I pulled out the Spirit Beast bear and gave that a go. With the better keybinds and cooldown usage I averaged a bit higher – around 18k DPS. On some of the boss fights I pulled over 20-23k DPS. Admittedly in some good groups as MM I can peak at 26-28k DPS.

Okay on to the Minecraft. I ended up firing up a server with my son to play on, no spawning, which he wasn’t too keen on (I made an exception and let him spawn some bones to tame some wolves) but then we got down into a mine to explore and look for good stuff. When he found diamonds he was quite happy. I pointed out that if he was spawning stuff he wouldn’t be as excited about finding diamonds. Also his friend was really happy to finally actually find diamonds only the other day.

It’s better without spawning.

While he was going off to bed he asked if we could find a map seed that has lots of mountains and cliffs to build on so I went digging while he was in bed and found this pretty cool seed. I set up the server to generate a map using that seed and popped in to check it out.

At that point it was around 10pm.

Almost three hours later I was logging off having not left the valley I started in. Instead I had built a little house with a spiral stairs down which had small side rooms for me, the LBO and the LLO. I then proceeded to furnish them with chests, workbenches and furnaces. But I didn’t stop there, I decided I’d make them some stone tools to start with. Oh, then I found some iron so I made partial set of iron armor and an iron sword for each of them. And might as well give them some torches and other materials.

No sheep were spawning in my little valley so I had no bed to skip into the day (I always play with mobs on) so I’d extend the stairs down eventually finding a cave. I explored one direction and found some more stuff (iron and coal really). It was about day time so I went back up and created some shears then went sheep hunting.

The valley isn’t easy to climb out of. There isn’t any immediately visible area to jump up but there are two caves going in either direction. I could see sunlight from one so I went that way even though I could see some mobs hanging around in the darkness. I made a run for it, realizing I probably should have made myself some iron armor and an iron sword – oh well, too late now!

I made it to the light and found a way up top. I realized I was pretty far up there which means the valley isn’t as far down as I thought it was. Nearby was some desert and some grassy areas near a shoreline. I ventured around looking for sheep and eventually found some. Leaving naked (but satisfied) sheep behind me, I scurried home through the mob cave and down into my hovel. I gleefully created some beds and placed them in the rooms then crashed for the night (being sure to rest in my bed so I’ll spawn there if I die).

Time in the real world?




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