It’s Still Fantasy…

I’ve complained before about being a little tired of fantasy type settings. I’ve been reading about or playing in fantasy worlds for over 30 years now – maybe it’s just getting a little too old hat?

Looking back to the time that I complained, it was around the time when I had to create a character for my pen and paper group that plays Pathfinder.

I’m in around that point in time again. I’m not very inspired at the moment because everything I think of has been done before, often far too many times before. I’m going with what the group needs, a healer, but I wanted to do a different spin. I’m going to look at making more liberal use of mass healing so I went Gnome for the extra Charisma but also because I’ve never played a Gnome and thought it’d be a nice change.

Reading up on Gnomes, they’re a little different in Pathfinder. They’re more tricky and fey, including some different appearance changes – namely coloring and larger features (eyes and mouth, not the nose like I usually imagine). Then tend to avoid community, being somewhat chaotic in nature, but are drawn to places with strong ties to the fey realm.

It’s different but somewhat similar to my previous Cleric (the crazy Goblin) in nature. I was picturing him more as a small but old and wise figure. He would be serious but also warm and approachable. That doesn’t quite work so well with what Pathfinder Gnomes are so I might just go with a different race.

A Human would likely be a decent change. I could tie him to the nobility that is looking for adventurers to reclaim the Stolen Lands as I intended him to be in more of an advisory role rather than actual leader – more of a gentle guidance with the interests of the community at heart.

Back to my lengthy experience in the fantasy genre, that might be an underlying reason why my current fun in WoW outside of raiding which is more social than about the game. I can’t bring myself to level up more alts because I’ve done it so many times before and the setting is still fantasy with swords and shields and what not. It’s not really new and interesting, at least not for very long.

I’ll piddle around with the character concept some more.


4 thoughts on “It’s Still Fantasy…

  1. Not the nose? So you picture gnomes to be like Hoggle?

    I’m going with what the group needs

    I would suggest that’s your problem right there. My group’s been through this quite a few times, and the player coerced in to playing ‘what the group needs’ tends to have less fun, or feel more restricted by or less connected to the character.

    With liberal use of wands distributed amongst players that can cast healing spells there is perhaps no overriding need for a dedicated healer. And even if you only play a character with some personal healing that takes the overall strain off the party’s needs, as well as letting you use wands. After all, in-combat healing is arguably better served with wands, and out-of-combat healing can just have wands of cure light wounds dumped on characters.

    Anyway, creating a character you don’t want to create will always seem like a drag. Try creating a character you want to play and see if that spark comes back. If it does, maybe you should be playing that instead.

  2. Looking at the PF book the gnome illustrated is purple with dark purple hair. I didn’t imagine Gnomes like that. The description notes they can be various shades of green and I think blue (Smurfs!).

    “Anyway, creating a character you don’t want to create will always seem like a drag.”

    Like I said, I’m not really in the mood for fantasy so just about any character isn’t one I’m overly interested in. This upcoming campaign is a ways off so I might take a look at some alternatives.

    Perhaps the Alchemist class? Or a Paladin?

    Wands don’t grow on trees and it takes several levels to get there to start being able to create them. Generally, I make use of scrolls to store spells that aren’t healing.

    Admittedly the group is far better about working together now than it ever has been even to the point of pooling money to purchase things good for the group (you’d think we weren’t playing Evils hehe).

    I don’t mind playing the Cleric, I haven’t tried the Pathfinder version yet and I am looking forward to trying to use Channel Energy as the main form of healing.

    I’ll poke around some… but I think it all comes back to being a little tired of the whole swords and magic.

  3. Well, I can certainly understand where you’re coming from if you’re just tired of the options. I remember feeling the same way back when we’d played 3.5e for years. All my concepts had been played, sometimes twice, and nothing new seemed to appeal to me. I pushed for the group to try different gaming systems, although not necessarily non-fantasy. Sometimes you just need a change.

    I got out of my malaise eventually, and even looked forward to trying Pathfinder after my disappointment with 4e, and the group has tried a bunch of games too. It helps just to shake things up a bit, I would say.

    Best of luck getting your mojo back.

  4. Pathfinder is definitely a nice change and the campaign the current DM is running was different from the typical – we were popping around other planes which was very new and exciting. It made more use of my imagination and took me out of the norm.

    The next DM is going to be running Kingmaker which will have a slight twist on the usual by eventually allowing us to build towns, settle areas and grow a kingdom. At least that is what it sounds like.

    I guess it adds pressure because I want to be sure I’m going to enjoy the character for a long time. 🙂

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