Spec Swapping

I went ahead with switching my off spec – which was another flavor of MM only talented for AoE – to BM and practiced in heroics. Not bad overall so I hung on to it and swapped back and forth during the Firelands raid last night.

Not bad, really.

World of Logs parses from last Tuesday (unfortunately our logger missed Beth’tilac that week) and the parses from last night (again, logger missed the first boss which was Shannox this time).

Comparable though a little unfair for two reasons. First, I wasn’t running BM the whole night but mostly for trash, Ryolith and Baleroc. Second, the fights are a little different since last week due to some hot fix changes. I did note something weird with the Ryolith fight numbers; I’m listed as doing 10k DPS and my pet doing 6.5k but the total shown is 14k.

That’s one of the bigger things I noticed – pet DPS is almost three times what it was for MM while Hunter damage is pretty low – a lot of that is due to Kill Command parsing with the pet.

Morynne from Marks 365 posted a quick guide to swapping specs and getting familiar with the placement of new abilities to which I commented with what I do (having recently swapped around with SV, MM and BM). It’s worth a look.

Here’s what I did. I identified the parallels as each spec has a signature ‘shot’, a builder, a dump and a longer cooldown ability.

For Survival that is: Explosive Shot, Cobra Shot, Arcane Shot and Black Arrow.

For Marksman that is: Chimera Shot, Steady Shot, Arcane Shot and Aimed Shot. (Yes, I use Aimed Shot as my focus dump when I can)

For Beastmaster that is: Kill Command, Cobra Shot, Arcane Shot and Focus Fire (not really an attack – arguably you could put Bestial Wrath in there instead but I find FF is available more often than BW).

I suppose I didn’t really need to mention Arcane Shot as it’s commonly the focus dump. Anyway, here is how my keys are set up:

1 = Serpent Sting
2 = Explosive Shot/Kill Command/Chimera Shot
3 = Arcane Shot
4 = Multi-Shot
5 = Master’s Call Macro
6 = Camo
Q = Hunter’s Mark + Pet Attack macro
E = Kill Shot
R = Cobra Shot/Steady Shot
T =  Feign Death
F = Disengage
G = Trap Launcher
Z = Concussive Shot
X = Misdirection
C = Black Arrow/Kill Command/Aimed Shot
V = Mend Pet
Mouse4 = Bestial Wrath/(task shot = Distracting Shot/Tranquilizing Shot)

So I never really move anything around – it all has a nice little home where I can easily reach it.

Some things I don’t have Keybound and why:

Intimidation (BM only) – I often don’t need to use it in a raid or group. I might replace G or Z with it if I were to use it more.
Fervor (BM only) – I put this in the same spot as Readiness (MM only) because I don’t want to hit it when it’s not needed and waste the cooldown (I actually need to get better at using Fervor).
Readiness (MM only) – See Fervor.
Rapid Fire – I macro this into my DAI button following.
DAI macro – This fires Rapid Fire, trinkets, pet buffs, potion drink and BW if it’s up.

Typically, I’ll press a lot of 2, R, 3 and C in any given fight. You can see this doesn’t really change from spec to spec.

Four buttons… so hard to face roll!


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