Oh, In Hiding

I started playing Rift a couple of weeks ago (I think) mainly for something ‘new’ to do because I was a little tired of leveling alts in WoW through the same content. Apparently I was hiding that fact rather than being open and talking about it to people that have no interest in it.

And once I did start talking about it, sure enough, they had no interest.

It’s a filler game for me – stuff to do inbetween raids. I’ve mentioned I’m a little burned out on running heroics and I have no desire to chase down the FL dailies as I have what I need from them. I’m also not going to bother farming instances for mounts that have ridiculously low drops rates.

I want to have fun. That stuff isn’t so much fun at the moment unless I’m running it with people I know.

I did try PVPing on a fresh server, Horde side as a Druid, but I really didn’t run into anyone. The one person I engaged in PVP was twinked out and an alt of one of the Guild members I had over there.

So in off time – when the kids are in bed or otherwise occupied and I’m not playing Minecraft with them – I’m playing Rift on a PVP server with some people from work.

It’s still easy. Still feels like WoW, in fact the instances I did were much easier than the ones available in Cataclysm – mostly tank and spank with little to really worry about. The open world questing is a little more exciting because of the PVP element – you never know when someone is lurking by ready to pounce.

I’ve pounced three times and been pounced on three times. Two of my open PVP kills were mage types with pets while the other one was a Warrior who was AFK. What? He was an easy target and standing right near where I needed to kill stuff for a quest – I couldn’t leave him around to gank me while I was killing quest stuff.

For the first one I CCed his pet as he was about to attack a mob. He nuked the mob, pet didn’t move, mob moved to mage and started to eat him up. I appeared behind him with a backstab that stuns and quickly melted him down. Then I killed his mob and skinned it. He didn’t stand a chance against my Assassin/Nightblade/Infiltrator spec.

The second one was more recent so I was running my Assassin/Riftstalker/Nightblade spec. She sent her pet and I appeared behind her. She had a little more fight in her than the previous guy (she was two levels higher than I was) but I managed to kill her. It might have been a different story if she actually called back her pet. Must have been running Chloro as one of her souls because she was healing a little. Which mean I had to pop a stun and an interrupt. Still, dead.

As I noted above the third one was a poor AFK Warrior. I have no remorse about it, if I was AFK in the open in a PVP area I’d be shocked to come back to the computer and still be alive.

The three gankings, well one ganking and two attempts, were amusing.

The one ganking that worked looked like a triggered event from a quest I just completed so I wasn’t on top of my game. There were two of them, a melee and a caster, and they were level 44 to my level 36. I was running my Bard/Nightblade/Infiltrator spec at the time (soloing a group quest) so they made short work of me despite my use of Riff, Virtuoso and spamming the healing Coda (basically, I popped five combo points then a cooldown that lets me use them without them going away so I spammed my only real heal available).

The pricks then hung out at the hand in area waiting for me to show up. I did, but I switched to Assassin/Nightblade/Infiltrator at that point so I was able to stealth around without it coming up. Either they weren’t too bright (explains why they were ganking lowbies) or they were having a quiet night because I was sneaking around using my CCes on them without them catching me. Meanwhile, a work bud was rolling in on his level 50 in T5 PVP gear to clear them out. The melee one bailed before he got there. I guess my stealth CCs and debuffs were scaring him. The caster got melted as soon as my friend rolled in. As a little F U to the guy, I opened up with the stun back stab and already had him down to half when my work bud finished him off.

The guild we’re in has a policy about ganking – if someone is ganking a guild member, you help out.

The first gank attempt was a level 50 (I’m guessing  he was what would be a ‘skull’ level in WoW) that was approaching through Scarlet Gorge area (I was about 27-28). I saw him first and popped stealth but he circled around looking for me as I was passing him on a bridge so I mezzed him and kept going. He wasn’t very pleased (in Rift you can understand your enemies) and once the mez was up he started looking for me. He thought he found me but it was just another lowbie who he ganked and moved on.

Thanks for taking one for the team… er.. me.

The second gank attempt was during an escort quest. I was in Bard mode and engaged with a mob when the guy almost killed me. Until I turned on him, popped Riff, Virtuoso then spammed my heal until I was close to full them spammed Coda of Wrath (I think that’s the AOE one?) which killed the mob so I finished him off with the direct damage Coda.

I admit, it’s wickedly fun sneaking up on people and beating them down in open PVP.

I’ve also been queuing up for Warfronts which tend to pop pretty quickly and they’re decent XP when you win. For the first bit I was running as Assassin (mostly protecting the carrier of the Fang in Black Temple) but after about 20 it became a little less valuable so I moved to a support role for Black Temple and The Codex. I stayed like that for White Steppes (I think it’s called) but  I’ve recently switched back to Assassin/Riftstalker/Nightblade and I’m finding it effective (for now) in Warfronts.

Last night (yes, I took advantage of the boosted XP/Favor) I had a few Codex maps pop on which I was a beast. I held the Codex against two people until reinforcements arrived and I was rolling over the Guardians. It was pretty sweet. I had the same luck in Black Temple, though we had some pretty close matches and we actually lost one.

All in all, it’s a fun distraction. I’ll play it in off times because it’s different and I enjoy the PVP. I won’t be giving up my WoW raiding for it.

I have been debating dropping MMOs to free up more time for things like sleep and family, but a certain someone pointed out that I’d likely just end up doing something else to avoid sleep – TV, books, single player games or something.

I am sure I will move towards a far more casual player hours in early next year and if SWTOR is out (and decent), I may end up just playing that – not focusing on raiding or hitting end game in any hurry, just playing here and there.

EDIT: Oh, I’ve also mucked around with LOTRO and Champions Online somewhere in the last two months.. maybe three, but they didn’t stick. I wasn’t hiding it, they were Free 2 Play, I wanted to see if they were improved or fun. They just weren’t interesting enough to write about.


2 thoughts on “Oh, In Hiding

  1. So you’ll stop hop into WoW to play with me since you said you like to play with people you know, amirite?

  2. Who the fuck are you?


    You know I’ll tank something for you if you need it or DPS if you want. Running Ulduar tonight for fun, tier pieces (transmogrification prep), maybe achievements and guild XP since we don’t seem to have the achievement for it.

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