WoW Threat – You Don’t Get It

This is removing the aspect of threat but it’s not for any other class but the tank.

Still don’t get it?

Yeah your tank can hold agro easily (assuming he’s attacking and damaging the targets) but can he survive? You see the job of a tank isn’t to hold threat, it’s to build threat and take the damage. With other classes helping tanks hold threat (sometimes build it) this aspect of tanking becomes trivial.

They’re not trying to make tanking (or the game) easier, they’re trying to make it more active and require more decisions.

Play a Blood DK where you have several different active devices to bolster your survival when needed. This is where they’re headed.

Things you actively have to use as a Blood DK:

1. Bone Shield
2. Anti-magic Shell
3. Diseases (slowing mobs)
4. Icebound Fortitude
5. Vampiric Embrace
6. Lichbourne+Death Coil@self
7. Dark Sacrifice
8. Death Strike

All these items are key to a Blood DK’s survival. Active decisions.

Compare this to a Prot Paladin who has maybe three active mechanics (not on 15 minute cooldowns and that don’t shed agro completely) to help them tank. The remainder is passive – block, parry, dodge, armor, self healing buff. It’s quite dull to play in comparison to a DK, believe me, I’ve done it. Also consider the Prot Warrior. I have no idea what mechanics they have short of Shield Wall but they also benefit mainly from passive abilities and less so from active ones.

It’s not trivializing the game, it’s making tanking more active (and harder to do in one regard).

DPS can, will and do still end up with agro because they’re attacking the wrong target or open up with big hits after popping cooldowns. Bad DPS are still going to be bad DPS but they’re not going to punish good DPS anymore. Healers are still going to have to heal multiple targets (bad DPS are still bad, remember? they’re still drawn to the bad stuff on the ground..). Tanks are still going to have to make choices about what to pull, how and where to (yeah that is a weak one, but then I’ve had some bad tanks that LOS pulled trash in BWC).

Just pointing out the less than obvious for those that don’t play the game, don’t play the game well, or never played a tank.


EDIT: Dammit, I missed talking Bears. Go figure. Lore has a good comments on The Weekly Marmot.


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