[MMO] MMO Holy Trinity

For people that don’t know it is:

1. Tank
2. Heals
3. CC/Down time reducer

DPS is not and never was part of the ‘holy trinity’.

People use it now (thanks to no down time in MMOs anymore) for:

1. Tank
2. Heals
3. DPS

This is incorrect because DPS is still an outsider due to massive popularity over the Tank and Heals roles.

The Holy Trinity meant that if you played this class you would get groups quickly. In fact, having one was a beacon for the other two. I can remember days where if you were looking for a healer, the healer would ask if you had a tank or Enchanter (really, it was just the Enchanter class in EQ, later also the Beastmaster somewhat) and if you didn’t, they’d pass or ask you to tell them if you did get one.

Now people use it to describe the three critical roles or foundation roles in a MMO: Tank, Heals and DPS.

Still isn’t anything Holy in DPS – it’s needed but there are so many of you (us) that you’re pennies in someone’s pocket.

[TOR] Wait… What?

Checking mail this morning and I see two emails from SWToR. First one says, “Now that you’ve tried SWtOR, why not pre-order?” Second one says, “Now that you’ve tested it, please provide feedback by taking this survey and post your experiences on the forum!”

Two problems.

1. I already pre-ordered – they should know that.
2. I didn’t get any beta invite email?

I double checked spam and trash folders, only thing in them (trash) is the release date announcement.

This makes me sad.

[RIFT] Mage is the New Rogue!

I’m talking about Rift, you can stop reading now.

Apparently patch 1.5 hit last night (I was sleeping – went to bed at 7:30pm) and Trion swung the pendulum that is class balance towards rogues.

To be fair, it’s more like each class has their own pendulum and you swing between being “over powered” and “victim”. Right now the Rogue pendulum is in the OP side with the Warriors and Clerics (somewhat behind them) while the Mage is sitting in the middle of OP and Victim.

That is relative.

If everyone else is into the OP side of the swing except Mages, then the Mages are thereby the new Victim.

This was confirmed by my co-worker coming over and QQing at me about how Rogues are now smoking him despite his T6 PVP gear and he doesn’t stand much of a chance.

Warriors got slight nerfs though some specs weren’t impacted at all and they’re still somewhat monstrous in PVP.

Clerics didn’t get too many changes from what I understand – at least nothing ground breaking.

Mages got some nerfs but not a ton from what I hear. They’re mostly the new target to get your, “I just killed someone,” buff from.

Why do I suddenly want to roll a Mage?

[TOR] Trooper = Filler?

I was looking at a desktop wallpaper that showed the opening part to the “Hope” cinematic and I automatically picked out the classes available in that wallpaper.

Sith Warrior.

Bounty Hunter.


No wait, that’s not a Trooper since it’s Sith side and Troopers are only Republic side. So who is the Trooper for the Sith?

That lead to thinking about the parallels in the classes.

Sith Inquisitor = Jedi Consular = caster type, Force focused characters.

Sith Warrior = Jedi Knight = melee type, Force focused characters.

Bounty Hunter = Smuggler… no wait, Trooper = ranged, armor type with some tricks, gadgets and rocket packs… no. Not exactly. About the only thing they seem to have in common is the heavier armor and ranged capabilities.

Imperial Agent = Smuggler = ranged and light armor, sneaky types. Kinda.

It’s easier to draw multiple parallels with the Jedi/Sith but not so much with the other classes which made me wonder why they went this route?

Isn’t it possible a Bounty Hunter could work for the Republic? A smuggler for the Sith? And Troopers – don’t both sides have Troopers? And why wouldn’t they also have Agents? Ultimately Jedi and Sith are the same, they just use the Force differently.

So why didn’t they go with all these classes being available to either side?

The d20 game (according to wikipedia) has the following classes and prestige classes:

Species and classes

As with most d20 System games, Star Wars offers playable races (called species) and classes to the Player Characters (PCs).

The species …

The character classes are Fringer, Noble, Scoundrel, Soldier, Force AdeptJedi GuardianJedi Consular, and Tech Specialist (added with the Revised Edition). Prestige classes allow advanced characters who wish to specialize in certain suites of abilities to join a class devoted to them. For example, Jedi with special talents at helping others can choose to specialize as a Jedi Healer, while a blaster-wielding mercenary might earn a reputation as a Bounty Hunter. The core rulebook includes the Jedi Master, Jedi Ace, Crime lord, Elite Trooper, Starship Ace, Officer, Darkside Marauder, and Darkside Devotee. Supplements to the core rulebook introduce many more prestige classes.

Saga edition changed things around and made Force Adept a prestige class.

It (effectively) has base classes that evolve into one side or the other. So why not have base classes and then a choice of which side to work for?

I suppose there might be some option for a Bounty Hunter to work for the good side at some point and you might suggest Bounty Hunters (as they are in Star Wars – I still love you Dog!) aren’t the kind of people you’d employ as a ‘good guy’.

In the end, it’s likely easier to tell a story if you know where the player is coming from so you have limited starting options and factions. Right now they have to work with eight stories where as if they let you choose a side, they’d need to work on 12 stories (they already have the parallel for the Force Melee and Force Caster classes). Maybe that was in their plan but they had to shelve it because of deadlines?

Still… why’d the good guys get saddled with the Trooper?

[WoW] Hmmm… I’m Not Sure

Hunter T13 armor sets were data-mined yesterday and I’m not sure how I feel about them. First off the picture available is bugged (we hope) with the gloves top edge being tan skin texture.

Warriors get to wear Deathwing’s jaw and we’re stuck with some blue glowey dragon skull (it is a dragon right?) helmet and shoulder armor. I dunno.

I think someone’s wife is now playing a Warrior, especially given that my Trueshot Aura is now going to benefit melees more than it’s going to benefit me (20% bonus to melee but only 10% bonus to ranged – wtf?). I’m likely going to switch to Beastmastery or maybe put a point somewhere else.

My new Marksman spec which I shall refer to as, “F MELEE.”

I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much. I don’t think I’ll be seeing T13. Skyrim out in early November? SW:ToR in December? I’m pretty sure WoW will be dead to me  by then…

[TOR] Casual Approach to SW:ToR

I’m going to be stepping back and taking a casual approach to Star Wars: The Old Republic. Sure, you can argue that five hours per week raiding isn’t exactly hardcore, but I’d counter with, “Being up to midnight or later for a game isn’t exactly casual.”

I’m not going to race for the end game. I’m going to sit back and just play the game for fun. And I’m going to have a bunch of alts. Nothing new there except that a lot of them are probably not going to go very far. Unlike in WoW where I have three level 85s, two more in the 80s and another one on the edge of hitting WotLK range.

I’m going to have alts for these reasons:

1. See the various class content.
2. One for myself.
3. One for playing with the LBO.
4. One for playing with the LLO (most likely).
5. One for playing with other family.
6. A bunch of others because I’m going to be hard pressed to settle on one for myself.

Talking to points two and six; I’m undecided as to which class I want to play. I suppose the first thing I need to decide is Republic or Sith?

Given my history of completing games as ‘goodly’ types, I suspect I’ll end up going Republic. I always try to play evil or mean sides in RPGs but I can’t sustain it. I usually lose interest, though I am hoping there will be some tougher choices in SW:ToR. Going Republic means one of the following: Trooper, Smuggler, Jedi Knight or Jedi Consular.

Trooper isn’t overly interesting to me with one exception being the armor. I love the look of the armor, but I’m not sure about the whole Trooper thing because they’ve often been the disposable heroes of Star Wars – sort of like the red-shirt guys in the landing parties from Star Trek. Some of the guns might be neat, but I’m not sure. I think subconsciously I’m tying the Trooper to the characters I played in Tabula Rasa and I didn’t really enjoy that gameplay. I’ll likely try it, but this is the least interesting (for me) on the list of Republic options.

Smuggler is one that really appeals to me for some reason. I like the pistols and roguish nature of it. I guess I like the freedom of it as well. I can be a cocky braggart without being a complete douche. Gameplay looks like it could be amusing and I do like the ship. I think this, being a ranged skirmishing class, might feel closer to my beloved Hunter class in WoW. I think I’ll play this one on my own.

Playing a Jedi is a must at some point and I suspect I’ll end up playing a Consular with the kids and maybe a Knight with other family members. I haven’t done a lot of reading up on the classes yet but it seems the Consular will be more caster-like while the Knight will be more in your face, chopping your hand off type of guy. I’ll go that route when I know my gaming partners won’t be upset that I’m killing all the ‘bad guys’. When playing with the boys, I’ll have the Consular which could also be a capable healer so I’ll run it as a support type.

I am aware that other classes can heal and I might go that route if it seems interesting, I just have these concepts in my head.

I asked the LBO which side he’d want to play on and he said the ‘good guys’ which surprises me because he likes playing Horde side and doesn’t shy away from playing the ‘bad guys’ in other games (i.e. in Lego Batman, the Joker was his favorite while in Lego Harry Potter he preferred Lord Voldemort – yes, I was worried).

I haven’t asked the LLO which side he’d play as just yet, but I think he might lean towards the Sith. The Dark Side of the Force is strong in that one! When playing Lego Star Wars he was a big fan of Darth Maul, Count Dooku, Darth Vader and the Emperor. I’m suspect I’ll nudge him towards playing the Jedi because I’m not sure how ‘mature’ a game this is going to be just yet.

At some point I will have to try the Sith out and it may be that I go that route with other family that will be playing. For now, I’m going to focus on the Republic side.

[MMO] Game Created Guilds?

Keen was rummaging through some of his older posts and discussing how he feels about those posts now (a year later in this case) – guilds were a recent topic. That got me thinking with trying to follow his thoughts. For me a guild was always a grouping of people that share an interest in playing the game as I wish to play it.

If I am into dungeons then I join a guild that is focused on grouping and hitting up dungeons. If I want raiding, I join a guild that is focused on that. If I want to PVP, I go with a guild that focuses on that. And if I just want to have people to chat to while puttering around, I go with a more social and casual guild.

That got me thinking, what if the game released with pre-made guilds? Organizations that work somewhat like you’d see in Elder Scrolls games. Organizations that could be a source of quests, adventures or benefits and advancement. These would also allow for politics and player advancement through the ranks and even short term leadership via some means specific to that guild (i.e. election, duel or monetary success).

Taking this a step further, what if these were vehicles for aspects of the game that are currently just fire and forget dialogs. Imagine an adventurer’s guild that worked like the Dungeon Finder only it ranked you based on your dungeon experience allowing you into the higher ranks on completion of specific dungeons.

Similar mechanics could be used for auctions, looking for group, arena groupings, battlegrounds and class benefits.

It could add some community and a whole other aspect of gameplay (politics) back into games where there is little community at all.

EDIT:  This goes far beyond simply some faction you have to grind rep with – there can be advancement through those means and Quartermaster-type rewards, but also advancement of the organization as a whole, much like you level your guild. Imagine a benefits tree (much like in Rift) which could mean your Mages’ guild may have different perks than you’d find on another server.

[WoW] Tier 13 – Non-Crappy Looking Tier?

Oddly enough, Tier 13 Gear is looking pretty sweet for almost all the classes just in time for transmogrification.

Thanks Blizzard.

Still waiting to see what the Hunter, DK and Priest sets look like but so far I really like the look of the armor sets revealed so far. I mean they actually look sort of like you’d expect the class that wears them should look.

Paladin? Awesome!
Druid? Kinda mossy looking but does also look leathery and it isn’t overly unnatural.
Mage? Sort of still a robe, definitely looks more like heavy cloth. The goggles are an odd touch but you could see them as arcane spectacles.
Rogue? Sinister and leathery.
Shaman? They nailed it. The armor looks primitive and involves animal bones.
Warlock? Creepy and hints of ties to corruption. That’s what tentacles mean, right? It’s nothing to do with squids or octopuses?
Warrior? Looks like they’re wearing Deathwing’s head. Awesome!

I’m really a big fan of the plate armor and the two sets I’ve seen so far look really epic. Again, most of the class armor looks to actually be class armor.

Given Blizzard’s love for Hunters, I suspect our helmet will be an asshat and our armor will be pieces of Hogger.