PVP With a Poor Class

I’m pretty sure I ended a post with something like, “watch me pick the worst class for PVP but only realize it near max level…”

Well, my Rogue is level 47 (I think) and I’m stunned at how poorly they perform in Warfronts – open world PVP, okay – especially because you can wait until some PVE mob has almost killed your target then finish them off and run away. But as soon as there are two or more you’re in deep crap.

You basically try to avoid attacking multiple players – makes sense right?

So why bother queuing up for a Warfront because you’re almost never going to catch someone alone and half dead?

I know, I’m doing it wrong.

Here’s a few suggestions for Trion.

1. Fix poisons. Make them matter and things to be feared. They should have more of an impact than they currently do. Instant poisons should do large damage. DoT poisons should last longer.  Virulent would be cool to be an AOE poison that spreads to nearby enemies.
1b. Separate Poisons from the  ‘weapon enchantments’ count. This benefits the Assassin class and Infiltrator class.

2. Fix stealth. You shouldn’t be able to knock a rogue out of stealth by a lucky AOE cast. Doing so eliminates the effectiveness of the class (where stealth applies). For stealth dependent Rogues, you kinda need that stealth for your opener – if you don’t have it, you’re pooched.

3. Give Assassins and other melee Rogues a leap attack ability (from stealth for Assassins) allowing them to spring into combat (no, specing Riftstalker and far up the tree to be able to get the TP to the back doesn’t work for all Rogues – I’m currently doing that, but lose a little too much on the offense because of it).

4. Fix dagger DPS numbers. Less DPS on a faster weapon is still less DPS…. think about it. Damage Per Second. As an Assassin you want fast weapons so you can get poison procs popping, but (see point 1) you can’t rely on poison procs alone.

FWIW, I’m currently running two specs: Assassin/Riftstalker/Nightblade and Bard/Riftstalker/Infiltrator.

I generally use the Bard in WFs because the Assassin is nearly useless unless I step in as the dust is settling for clean up – up to which point I’m doing little aside from being another target. Most healers can solo heal over our damage even if we’re targeting them and using interrupts (which is pretty sad).

I’m starting to think I should have rolled a Warrior or Cleric.

Ah well, I’ll settle with ganking half dead people in Open PVP, harassing people in /yell and pissing off Guardians as much as possible.

I escaped a ganking attempt from a warrior. I was half dead from fighting stuff for a quest when he leaps at me, stuns me and starts melting me. I pop Slip Away and the DoT neutralizer (fortunately, Warriors don’t have wickedly long DoTs like Mages and Clerics do) then Rift Walk a distance away so he can’t get me with AOEs. I then hide, heal up and taunt him mercilessly in /yell.

He started it.

I enjoyed pointing out that he couldn’t gank a gimpy Rogue that was 4 levels lower than he was and half dead. Clearly he wasn’t too bright because the best he could come up with was calling me a kid.


Another guy (a.k.a. Shurt) got involved and pointed out that I didn’t kill the Warrior. I pointed out that I was already half dead and he was several levels higher. He failed at ganking a half dead, lower level rogue. Fail is fail.

I later ganked that other guy (Shurt) when he was half dead but he was pretty quiet in /yell after that. Dude pulled four mobs (he’s a Warrior – I couldn’t even imagine doing that as an Assassin) and burned three down before being half dead… at which point I helped the remaining mob, then killed it.

Good times.

It’s just sad that I sort of need the Warfronts to level my PVP ranks (at least once I hit 50).

I actually don’t see myself lasting too much longer. Trion’s making a classic mistake of creating a huge gap in one level 50 to another. At first it was through the rank gear (effectively rank 6-8 could almost one shot new 50s or rank 1-3s but they changed it so the damage mitigation was front loaded on the rank gear but the other stats are higher on the high end gear.

This is a good change for new comers.

The other thing they’re doing is added in Alternate Advancement Points. This, again, will be used to tilt the playing field in favor of people who are already level 50 and hanging out up there while new 50s are, again, going to be behind the curve.

AAXP != new content.



5 thoughts on “PVP With a Poor Class

  1. I had the same experience with my rogue, although I realized it a bit sooner than you at around lev 20. Some good suggestions there, although I do think AOE spells should break stealth, you just need to stand away from your group.

  2. I generally do stand away from my group, but it seems all the other classes (Mages, Warriors, Clerics) have some sort of PBAE they like to use which prevents me from getting to them while stealthed… which is how I have to kill them. If I can’t get to them while stealthed, I can’t use my main abilities. They’re also prone to dropping AOEs on the ground and standing in them.

    I do have an ability to make me immune to damage for a time, but it’s a long cooldown and I really shouldn’t have to rely on it every time I want to start to attack a target.

    I didn’t notice it earlier because a lot of these classes didn’t have the defenses (or maybe they were just bad players) until the later levels.

  3. For that reason I left RIFT after less than two months after lunch. I hit 50 with my rogue, I maxed my trade skills and I bought 6 pieces of PvP gear and I quit due to the unbalance. I used Assassin/Ranger/Riftstalker souls, assassin main with 32 points, ranger for dmg reduction, ranged combo generator skill and Riftstalker for dmg reduction and 4 jumps. I used macros for melee/range combo generator and melee/ranged finisher this was helpful but other classes were simple OP.
    Now I’m back to WoW and doing arenas with my rogue waiting for something good to come 

  4. You likely faced the added imbalance of having no PVP tier separation on top of that. They’re recently changed it so now the Valor stat is more evenly spread among the PVP gear which helps for survivability. Previously, you’d hit 50 maybe get a few pieces of Tier gear but be vastly outgunned by people from T6-T8 who not only seemed indestructible, but they also hit way harder.

    Now everyone should be more evenly indestructible, but not necessarily hit as hard as the higher tier.

    Lots of people ask why bother having Valor at all if it’s going to be mostly even through the PVP tiers – answer being it separates it from PVE gear. Benefit to higher tiers is more stat bonuses.

    There are going to be a lot of changes to the classes coming up in 1.5. Some of them have me pretty excited about being a Rogue.

    I haven’t set foot in the level 50 PVP world yet, I just hit 50 and haven’t had a chance to play since. I have been warned by guildies that it will be rough to start…

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