Season Finales

Unlike other TV series that leave you at the end of the season with a cliff hanger that makes you eager for the show to return next season, The Glades season two finale did the opposite. It leaves you with a sense of things being okay.

Sure there are a few open questions, but the end leaves you with an understanding of how things are going to be.

I won’t spoil much more than that.

The show itself opens up without the typical whodunit and instead puts that out in the open with the main part being around dealing with a hostage negotiation. Something you probably don’t want Jim Longworth doing because he tends to annoy people. It makes things interesting.

On to upcoming shows.

House trailer implies he’s in prison which is odd because I thought he ended with being on some tropical island somewhere? Interesting…

I have yet to see a trailer for The Mentalist but I can easily see how Patrick Jane would start the series off by being in jail (sure enough, there is a trailer of him in jail however I cannot view it because it’s outside my viewing area… f Canada/US internet content rules). This should be an interesting season with Jane having killed his nemesis, Red John. As I noted previously, I suspect there will be a discovery that Red John was just a murderous dog whose lease was held by a greater mastermind. We’ll see soon! Not exactly a cliffhanger of “Is he going to get him?” but more of a “What now?!” type season ending.

Castle left us with a cliffhanger, several actually. Castle admitted he loved Beckett but will Beckett remember? Will Beckett live? Of course. Who will be the new Captain? Will the Captain put up with having Castle around? Drama between Castle and Beckett’s doctor boyfriend ensues as well. Is the show even going to have a murder case involved at all? Lots of questions!

Hawaii Five-O left us with a cliffhanger too. The team is mostly split up, one is thrown in jail for a murder he didn’t commit. The trailer notes there will be an escape and a patron-type helping out. How quick will it be resolved? Are they really going to get away with the escape and there won’t be¬†repercussions?

Of the fall line up, I’m mostly looking forward to Castle and The Mentalist.

Just a few more weeks!


3 thoughts on “Season Finales

  1. I love The Glades and it was nice to see a show break without some ridiculous cliffhanger for a change.

    Side note: Network TV should be ashamed of itself for putting out some of the crap they do in comparison to what’s available on “cheap cable” – USA, TNT, and A&E (by virtue of The Glades) embarrass most of the network stuff. USA, specifically, has a lineup that either NBC or ABC would kill for. CBS is cool with me, I still like most of their stuff.

  2. I was talking with UFTimmy about the season finale of The Glades, it was nice to not have a cliff hanger and also nice to dance around the whodunit to be more of a whydiddeydoit but I did find some of the parts of it a little rushed and thin. I guess a lot of it didn’t really seem all that smooth especially around the ending.

    I did find it clever that the girl was in on it but have to say it wasn’t the best episode this season (imo).

  3. I had picked up the girl was in on it once she had the conversation with Callie – her glance over to the captors was subtly telling.

    I’m with you in that it wasn’t he season’s best episode, the ending was a bit disjointed, but so glad it wasn’t left at her standing in the airport or something equally cheesy and predictable.

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