Finding the Love

For Beastmastery spec, that is.

I was running our Firelands clean up last night and I started the night in BM, in fact, I’ve been running as BM for awhile now popping over to Marksman for fights where I have time to cast Aimed Shot or where I get a lot of opportunities for shooting at the boss while it’s above 90%.

One of the reasons I like BM so much is the rotation isn’t as tight or consuming. With MM the two main shots you use take almost half the focus bar, this leaves you with little focus should you need to switch targets and burst down certain mobs like the elementals that are released from Ragnaros’ hammer then rush back and explode if you don’t kill them quickly enough.

Oh wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.

I found that for Alysrazor the BM spec helped mainly because I don’t spend a lot of time on the boss. I could use my pet to help tanks on the hatchlings (Kill Command works even when the hatchling is on the other side of the field) while DPSing down the caster druids. This is becoming less of an issue now because we’re often finding ourselves standing around waiting for the tornado phase because we kill the hatchlings pretty quickly. Of course, I keep shooting Alysrazor when she’s in range, even during the tornado phase I’ll switch to Fox and fire instants or Cobra Shots when she’s overhead. Not a lot of difference here for MM, but I find with the bushfires/swirling fire worms I don’t get a lot of choice in using Aimed Shot.

For Staghelm, I found MM to be the better spec. There is a fair bit less movement that the pet or Arcane Shot spam would compensate for. I can sit there and spam Aimed Shot, in fact, I do that for the pull. MD, aimed shot, rapid fire, aimed then fox and pair steadies in there while moving back to the cluster. Short of dodging fire cat pounce or moving in or out (Disengage FTW) depending on the phase, there isn’t a lot of movement required.

For Ragnaros (yes, we’re on to him now) I was using MM to start and I was getting a good DPS burn on him peaking at 30k DPS but it’d fall after needing to dodge the lava walls or fire traps. Also, I’d find myself sometimes stuck low on focus when the elementals during the phase transition appeared which hurt and wasn’t the best time to switch to Steady Shot.

I flipped over to BM so I’d have Fervor available for this phase as  needed. This meant I’d be able to pop a trap on one spawn area then pop another over at a distance without worrying too much about the focus cost. Focus for Kill Command is pretty minor as is Arcane Shot especially when compared to Aimed Shot or Chimera Shot which take almost half the focus bar. I could also use the pet stun (Intimidate) if needed (they can be stunned, apparently, but not slowed short of damaging them).

In summary, I’m mostly using BM in Firelands with MM only getting used for Beth’tilac (I could get away with BM here) and Majordomo Staghelm. I’m doing about 18-20k DPS with a crafted gun, not a world drop bow and Lord Ryolith has been holding out on me too.


2 thoughts on “Finding the Love

  1. Are there any ranged pets worth a damn? Since we’re so far ahead on the hatchlings could you stick a ranged pet on Alysrazor the whole fight?

  2. There are some, but I’m not sure how effective they are because a lot of the pet damage comes from Kill Command use and some of their bite/claw focus dump abilities.

    Of the top of my head, Chimera has a breath but I’m not sure if it’ll hit up there. Wind Serpent type might work.. I’ll have to look into it more. I don’t believe bird types will actually fly up there, but I’ve never really tried TBH.

    I do sometimes send the pet on Alys when she’s flapping through the middle. :$

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