Ding 50!

In Rift.

My Rogue finally hit 50 in Rift, though I admit I didn’t get to leverage the XP bonus from the celebration as much as I would have. I did make somewhat liberal use of the XP bonus potions mailed to me afterwards – though I still have two of those potions left.

First thing I did?

Popped back to Meridan to train, then remembered I had a soul point to spend so I did that and trained again. I then raced over to the PVP section and bought up the PVP gear I could; boots, belt, gloves, ring and a dagger.

I was all rearing to go but realized it was getting late so I went to bed instead.

Such is the life of old people who have to get up in the morning to chase the kids off to school then get themselves to work.

I’ll go sacrifice myself to the PVP ‘gods’ another time.

In other Rift news, there looks to be some pretty cool changes for Rogues coming. I was seeing more success recently in Warfronts as Assassin/Riftstalker/Nightblade but I realized that was likely due to being on the higher side of the 40-49 bracket.

* Normalized stat contribution across all Callings:
* Warrior: Attack Power is now 50% Strength and 50% Dexterity (was previously 75%/25%).
* Warrior: Melee Critical Hit is now 100% Strength (was previously 100% Dexterity).
* Rogue: Attack Power remains 50% Dexterity and 50% Strength.
* Rogue: Melee Critical Hit remains 100% Dexterity.
* Mage: Spell Power is still 50% Intelligence and 50% Wisdom.
* Mage: Spell Critical Hit remains 100% Intelligence.
* Cleric: Spell Power is now 50% Wisdom and 50% Intelligence (was previously 75%/25%).
* Cleric: Spell Critical Hit is now 100% Wisdom (was previously 100% Intelligence).

Cool change there isn’t for Rogues, instead it’s for Warriors but it benefits Rogues because now they’re less likely to steal our Rogue gear.

* Rogue Energy regeneration rate has been increased to 22 Energy per second, up from 20.
* General gameplay goals for the rogue update:
– Competitive PvE Alternatives to Sabodancer, both melee and ranged.
– Competitive PvP DPS. You should fear seeing a Rogue the same way you see a Warrior. Of equal Prestige Rank, the two should be capable of providing a similar amount of PvP threat.
– Survivability improvements. Some self heal improvements and vampiric-type Healing Siphons – Abilities that reduce the healing intake capacity of one’s target, with a portion of the stolen amount going to the rogue.
– Better synergies between souls.
– More utility without giving up the majority of their DPS to get it, bringing them closer in line to the flexibility that other callings have.
– Large pack tanking improvements – Improvement to threat on multiple mobs
– Running capacity remains — BUT, Double-teleport-invulnerable runner (the “bugged” one) goes away.
– Reduction in required reliance on “unfair” tactics (invuls, slips, etc) via adding true competitive power

* Gameplay goals: More up front damage, less reliance on super-long, annoying DoTs. Better poisons. Less “waste a finisher to apply a short buff.” Slip Away should not be a requirement to compete.
* Virulent Poison, Lethal Poison, Leeching Poison, Debilitating Poison, and Serrated Blades no longer trigger damage shield effects.
* Baneful Touch: No longer a combat finisher ability. Now a self buff that increases the damage of all weapon enchantments by 20%. Unlocked after spending 20 points in Assassin.
* Leeching Poison: The healing granted has been increased. Now unlocked after spending 14 points in Assassin, with an additional rank added at level 50.
* Poison Mastery: Now also increases the Attack Power of the Assassin’s poison-coated weapons by 15-75%. The chance for it to trigger has been increased to 4-20%, up from 2-10%.
* Enduring Brew: Ability changed – now instantly heals the Assassin for a large amount of health, with a 1 minute cooldown.
* Backstab: Attack Power damage bonus increased to 150% from 100%.
* Assassinate: Now ignores 50% of your target’s armor.
* Exposed Weakness: The additional damage taken by the target is now increased by the Assassin’s Attack Power. No longer on the global cooldown and has a 20 second ability cooldown added. Energy cost reduced to 10 from 20.
* Physical Trauma: Ability changed – now increases the damage of Puncture, Jagged Strike, and Impale by 20-40% , and the damage of Final Blow on an impaled target by 15-30%.
* Slip Away: Changed slightly – the Assassin is no longer immune to damage after using Slip Away. Any damage taken while Slip Away is active will not bring the Assassin out of stealth.
* Cut and Run – New Ability: Available after spending 20 points in Assassin. Removes all control and movement impairing effects. Not on the global cooldown.

Lots of nice sounding Assassin changes! This is my preferred playstyle for Rogues and PVP.

Here’s a little poetry for you:

I, Assassin

I am the sneaky prick that pops up behind you while you’re barely hanging on to a PVE pull gone wrong then ruining it for you.

I am the Rogue that saps you when you’re trying to cap a point but doesn’t appear and when you AOE because I am out of range.

I am the Rogue that appears behind other Rogues that appear behind members of my team and kills them.

I am the Rogue you almost killed but gets away then taunts you zone wide about it.

I am the Rogue who causes your nerd rage where you destroy some component of your computer.

I am the Rogue that makes the shadows a darker and scarier place.

I am the Rogue that puts the ‘ass’ in ‘assassin’, twice.

Riftstalker bonuses sound neat too – I might have to try setting up for tanking some things (with a different spec).

* Gameplay goals: Offensively synergizes through +AP and reflect shields. Some new multi-target threat coolness here too. You should be able to take some Riftstalker without flooring your DPS, as melee souls’ ability to close all currently lives in this tree.
* Due to the below changes, characters with soul points spent in Riftstalker have received a free soul respec.
* Guardian Phase: Threat generation increased to 200% from 100%. No longer purgeable.
* Stalker Phase: Effect is no longer purgeable. Now adds a 10% damage bonus when activated. Plane Shifting adds another 15% damage bonus for 10 seconds.
* Planar Strike, Phantom Blow, Rift Disturbance, and Shadow Blitz: Reduced the threat generated by these abilities.
* Shadow Blitz: An additional 50% damage bonus from Attack Power has been added to this attack.
* Shadow Stalk: Now removes all control and movement impairing effects.
* Annihilate: Damage increased. Now adds a buff that increases Attack Power by 20%, rather than a fixed value.
* Stalker Phase: Effect is now triggered after using any Plane Shift abilities.
* Rift Barrier: Now absorbs both physical and non-physical damage. Additionally, the absorbed damage is reflected back on the attacker.
* Improved Rift Barrier: Removed.
* Planar Vortex – New Ability: Whenever the Riftstalker Plane Shifts, they gain Planar Vortex which lasts for 4 seconds. Deals 50% of your weapon damage every second to surrounding enemies and generates a large amount of threat. Effect can only be triggered when the Riftstalker is in Guardian Phase.
* Hasted Time: Increased the speed buff granted after Plane Shifting by 25-50%, up from 15-30%. Can be triggered once every 10 seconds. No longer stacks with the Bladedancer’s Sprint and the Marksman’s On the Double.
* Freedom of Movement: Effect is triggered after Plane Shifting and can only occur once every 10 seconds.
* Shadow Assault: The damage bonus from Attack Power has been increased to 100%, up from 50%.
* Shadow Mastery: Now a 2-point ability that reduces the cooldown of your Plane Shift abilities by 10-20 seconds.
* Phantom Blow: Now has a 10 second cooldown. The stack size has been reduced to a single stack and reduces damage taken by 6%.
* Rift Guard: Now absorbs damage up to 250% of your maximum health, up from 150% for a 51-point Riftstalker.
* Defer Death: For the next 4 seconds, the Riftstalker’s health cannot drop below 1 hit point. When the effect ends, gain an absorption shield that absorbs all incoming damage for up to 50% of max health for 10 seconds.
* Shadow Guard – New Ability: Available after 25 points spent in Riftstalker. Reduces physical damage taken by 1-5%. For every 1000 Armor, you take 1% less physical damage up to a maximum reduction of 20%.

No poetry for that.

I suspect I’m going to have to adjust my specs a lot when this patch comes out.

Good times.


2 thoughts on “Ding 50!

  1. Thank you sir!

    It didn’t actually take too long. I always forget to do a /played to see.

    My tradeskills are up there too; Butchering is just under 280, Outfitter is over 290, and Runeforger is somewhere above 280.

    It’s been pretty easy. Not as smooth as WoW and it’s definitely missing the ‘cinematic’ aspect that Cataclysm’s revamp brought, but it wasn’t horribly painful even on a PVP server. I think the worst thing I had to contend with was the odd invasion having killed a quest hub. They sort of trivialized footholds so I was able to solo them so long as no ‘invasion’ group was hanging out there.

    For the most part, the leveling zones were pretty empty of other players.

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