I’m Going To Need Another Acronym

Or maybe I should just shuffle them around?

I have LBO and LLO but what do I call a third that is even smaller than the LLO? Do I promote them through the acronyms with my eight year old graduating to LOO (Little Oldest Ogre), move my six year old into LBO and leave LLO open for the newcomer due sometime in March? I considered OAO but was worried that’d give the child a complex if they ever discovered I referred to it as such. (OAO = Oops Another Ogre)

Jeez… and I’m having a hard enough time trying to pick a new real name! Oh the pressure.




7 thoughts on “I’m Going To Need Another Acronym

  1. Totally got sloppy in June Ogre? We meant to have another ogre ogre. Totally my idea ogre? Third ogre is a charm?

    Congrats. And the oldest will be old enough to watch the youngest in a couple of years, so you and the wife can have a night off once in a while. Sibling baby sitters, that never works out badly!

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