What I Learned About Streaming Raids…

I took a stab at streaming raids to see what sort of performance hit I’d face and how it’d turn out. It was actually quite good but a few things that make me weary are:

1. Viewers could see Officer Chat.
2. Viewers could see Tells sent to me.
3. Viewers could hear Vent (really, our Vent raid conversations are often hilarious – it’s amazing we get stuff killed) but couldn’t hear me (there goes 90% of the entertainment value).
4. The recording stuck around afterwards but divided up into chunks.
5. You could hear my IM client pinging me.

Because of items 1 and 2, I ended up deleting the recording.

You’re all just going to have to miss me wiping the raid to a bad (and cocky) pull prefixed with, “I’m going to show off with my awesome pulling skills…” *plink* As I tag a Firelord who is on the other side of a group of Unbound Elementals and lag a little leaving me unable to Feign Death. This brought both sets of mobs over and rolled through the raid team (10 man… I think only six people were there though).




One thought on “What I Learned About Streaming Raids…

  1. With Livestream you can circumvent almost all of that through some fine kerjiggering. You can modify which part of the screen you want to stream, and resize the area on the fly, you can pick which audio channels from your PC to record (excluding vent, including your mic, etc.), and it’s pretty much limitless as to how long you can make a recording. They only start getting bitchy when you have thousands of followers.

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