Okay, now people can say the raid game in WoW is trivial for all – or should be. Wow! Did Blizzard clobber the crap out of the 10 man normal raid.

Last night we spent most of our 2.5 hours working on the legendary staff for our Ele Shaman. This involved going through the motions of the fights until he collected enough of something then had it blasted by the raid boss then picked up that blasted bit. We’d then wipe. In one or two of the bosses we had to do it twice.

Why wipe?

I dunno. I asked him to explain but he wouldn’t. I wasn’t listening the ten other times he explained it.


I was listening – you don’t need to kill the bosses to get the parts he needs so if you wipe to them after you get the part, you can come back and spank them after beating the quest boss. At this point your Staff-seeker would have the staff and would be working on essences that come from the bosses. So get stuff, wipe and reset bosses, get staff, come back and mug the bosses for their essences and profit by saving a week’s lockout.

By the time we were done all that Legendary Staff stuff we had about 40 minutes to raid. Any guesses on how many bosses we stomped?


In 45 minutes – we went over by 5 minutes.

Shannox (3:52) – this was a joke. We have been two healing it for awhile and I suspect we’ll end up solo healing it because the damage output isn’t that bad.

Beth’tilac (5:32) – this was a joke too. When she dropped down for the final phase she was just over 50% health because we’d leave DPS up there. Spiderlings were not a problem, drones got destroyed (and I had time to help with the Spiderlings and Spinners).

Lord Ryloth (4:33) – this was pretty silly. The only challenge here now is steering him. And the bastard STILL didn’t drop my bow.

Dear Blizzard,

Please either increase the drop rate of ranged weapons, add  more to the drop tables or both. I am greatly saddened by your buffing melee damage in 4.3 while I’m struggling to compete simply because they’ve got their epic weapons and I’m sitting here holding a crafted gun. In fact, we’re DEing melee weapons because so many drop that our the offspecs and way-offspecs of our melee don’t need them. Our DK has extra 2h so he doesn’t need to runeforge between spec swaps.


Smaken Dahed

p.s. f u for making the Legendary Rogue only – SD

Alysrazor (6:04) – this has been severely nerfed and not just damage/health numbers. The tornadoes move slower and the adds don’t fieroblast as much. We ended up having two people fly up (in 10 man), two healers, two tanks, and only one interrupter who would feather up and fly from side to side to interrupt the rare fieroblast cast.

Baleroc (3:47) – this was already pretty easy but now that the damage was reduced, we’re likely going to one tank and two heal it. Another benefit was that I didn’t have to be in the shard rotation (f u dead zone).

We were going to push a little more and do Staghelm but people had to go which is cool. We’re not about world firsts or sacrificing real life for some pixelated purple.

My one disappointment is that we didn’t get Ragnaros down before the nerfs.

2 thoughts on “NERFED!

  1. You’re not struggling to complete because of a lack of a raid weapon. You’re struggling to compete because you’re bad.

    How many raids in a row have you wiped us via bad pulls?

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