[WoW] Tier 13 – Non-Crappy Looking Tier?

Oddly enough, Tier 13 Gear is looking pretty sweet for almost all the classes just in time for transmogrification.

Thanks Blizzard.

Still waiting to see what the Hunter, DK and Priest sets look like but so far I really like the look of the armor sets revealed so far. I mean they actually look sort of like you’d expect the class that wears them should look.

Paladin? Awesome!
Druid? Kinda mossy looking but does also look leathery and it isn’t overly unnatural.
Mage? Sort of still a robe, definitely looks more like heavy cloth. The goggles are an odd touch but you could see them as arcane spectacles.
Rogue? Sinister and leathery.
Shaman? They nailed it. The armor looks primitive and involves animal bones.
Warlock? Creepy and hints of ties to corruption. That’s what tentacles mean, right? It’s nothing to do with squids or octopuses?
Warrior? Looks like they’re wearing Deathwing’s head. Awesome!

I’m really a big fan of the plate armor and the two sets I’ve seen so far look really epic. Again, most of the class armor looks to actually be class armor.

Given Blizzard’s love for Hunters, I suspect our helmet will be an asshat and our armor will be pieces of Hogger.


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