[RIFT] Mage is the New Rogue!

I’m talking about Rift, you can stop reading now.

Apparently patch 1.5 hit last night (I was sleeping – went to bed at 7:30pm) and Trion swung the pendulum that is class balance towards rogues.

To be fair, it’s more like each class has their own pendulum and you swing between being “over powered” and “victim”. Right now the Rogue pendulum is in the OP side with the Warriors and Clerics (somewhat behind them) while the Mage is sitting in the middle of OP and Victim.

That is relative.

If everyone else is into the OP side of the swing except Mages, then the Mages are thereby the new Victim.

This was confirmed by my co-worker coming over and QQing at me about how Rogues are now smoking him despite his T6 PVP gear and he doesn’t stand much of a chance.

Warriors got slight nerfs though some specs weren’t impacted at all and they’re still somewhat monstrous in PVP.

Clerics didn’t get too many changes from what I understand – at least nothing ground breaking.

Mages got some nerfs but not a ton from what I hear. They’re mostly the new target to get your, “I just killed someone,” buff from.

Why do I suddenly want to roll a Mage?


4 thoughts on “[RIFT] Mage is the New Rogue!

  1. Yea mages have been underpowered for awhile I have heard (compared to the other 3 types). I haven’t tried to really level other toons though and I got my mage to 50 easy enough, but that is pve.

  2. Actually, some combos of Mage were near impossible to kill. Chloro-Lock combos in particular. This one is still pretty nasty.

    A buddy (the one that was QQing) was playing a Necro-Warlock-Dominator combo, though it sounds like he’s dropping the Dominator aspect.

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