[TOR] Trooper = Filler?

I was looking at a desktop wallpaper that showed the opening part to the “Hope” cinematic and I automatically picked out the classes available in that wallpaper.

Sith Warrior.

Bounty Hunter.


No wait, that’s not a Trooper since it’s Sith side and Troopers are only Republic side. So who is the Trooper for the Sith?

That lead to thinking about the parallels in the classes.

Sith Inquisitor = Jedi Consular = caster type, Force focused characters.

Sith Warrior = Jedi Knight = melee type, Force focused characters.

Bounty Hunter = Smuggler… no wait, Trooper = ranged, armor type with some tricks, gadgets and rocket packs… no. Not exactly. About the only thing they seem to have in common is the heavier armor and ranged capabilities.

Imperial Agent = Smuggler = ranged and light armor, sneaky types. Kinda.

It’s easier to draw multiple parallels with the Jedi/Sith but not so much with the other classes which made me wonder why they went this route?

Isn’t it possible a Bounty Hunter could work for the Republic? A smuggler for the Sith? And Troopers – don’t both sides have Troopers? And why wouldn’t they also have Agents? Ultimately Jedi and Sith are the same, they just use the Force differently.

So why didn’t they go with all these classes being available to either side?

The d20 game (according to wikipedia) has the following classes and prestige classes:

Species and classes

As with most d20 System games, Star Wars offers playable races (called species) and classes to the Player Characters (PCs).

The species …

The character classes are Fringer, Noble, Scoundrel, Soldier, Force AdeptJedi GuardianJedi Consular, and Tech Specialist (added with the Revised Edition). Prestige classes allow advanced characters who wish to specialize in certain suites of abilities to join a class devoted to them. For example, Jedi with special talents at helping others can choose to specialize as a Jedi Healer, while a blaster-wielding mercenary might earn a reputation as a Bounty Hunter. The core rulebook includes the Jedi Master, Jedi Ace, Crime lord, Elite Trooper, Starship Ace, Officer, Darkside Marauder, and Darkside Devotee. Supplements to the core rulebook introduce many more prestige classes.

Saga edition changed things around and made Force Adept a prestige class.

It (effectively) has base classes that evolve into one side or the other. So why not have base classes and then a choice of which side to work for?

I suppose there might be some option for a Bounty Hunter to work for the good side at some point and you might suggest Bounty Hunters (as they are in Star Wars – I still love you Dog!) aren’t the kind of people you’d employ as a ‘good guy’.

In the end, it’s likely easier to tell a story if you know where the player is coming from so you have limited starting options and factions. Right now they have to work with eight stories where as if they let you choose a side, they’d need to work on 12 stories (they already have the parallel for the Force Melee and Force Caster classes). Maybe that was in their plan but they had to shelve it because of deadlines?

Still… why’d the good guys get saddled with the Trooper?


2 thoughts on “[TOR] Trooper = Filler?

  1. I was sad to see that republic storm troopers carried 2 hand swords. What, they haven’t ‘upgraded’ to blasters yet? Come on… All Storm troopers should have blasters, maybe they can’t shoot very good at lower levels but 2H sword wielding storm troopers is bad mojo.

  2. They’re not “Storm” Troopers which would be clones, right?

    Remember, this is the OLD Republic where there were a lot of Jedi and the Sith were a more obvious threat.

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